Elizabet Tursynbaeva: Eteri Tutberidze often tells me that with such a body type I can do a lot

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Elizabet Tursynbaeva about her desision to go back to Eteri Tutberidze.

by sports.ru dd 4th April, 2019

Skaters change coaches for various reasons. Someone doesn’t get along with each other, someone wants to change the technique, skating skills, someone just lacks something.

Brian Orser is a very good coach, professional in his field. He has many skaters, Olympic champions. In Canada, I have trained for 4-5 years. Lived with my mom, but far from brother and dad. It is difficult to train always not at home, but across the ocean, far away.

In Canada, there’s a different mentality, the same in America. They train in a completely different way, everything depends more on the athlete, the coach simply supports.

Those who want quick results perhaps need another coach. Brian never swears. He was pleased with me both in training and competitions.

I trained with Tutberidze a year and a half when 11-12 years old. Then I went to Canada and started to represent the national team of Kazakhstan. I skated for Russia, I even got into the Moscow team. Now I’m back to Eteri Georgievna.

I have been to many coaches, but I like Eteri Georgievna the most, I like the whole training process. When I first left to Canada, I often recalled her, missed her.

When the Olympic cycle ended, we decided to change something. I wanted to return home and to Eteri Georgievna. At first my mom called her and asked to take me back. We really wanted to return, Eteri Georgievna wanted me to call her myself. I called, explained the situation, said that I wanted to return very much, and that I promised not to leave anywhere. And she took me.

I came with not a very good shape, I was recovering from injury, I didn’t skate for about a month. But Eteri Georgievna often tells me that with such a body type I can do a lot. She said that it was high time to jump everything.

Tutberidze is a very honest person, she frankly tells everything to the athlete – not only in relation to what is happening on the ice, but also in relation appearance. If she thinks that you need to change a hairstyle or something else. She says everything honestly.


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