Anna Pogorilaya’s wedding

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Article about Anna Pogorilaya’s wedding in Hello magazine and some nice photos.

Anna Pogorilaya and Andrei nevski

by Kirill Dorofeev

Anna and Andrei have been known each other for three years, but they are together only a year. According to Anna, for a long time she didn’t want to build a “romantic relationship with this charming blonde”, because she was afraid to ruin their friendship. But Andrew used to achieve his goals and eventually Anya gave in. During their vacation in Paris, a young man proposed at the Eiffel Tower. From that moment, the couple began to think how the happiest day in their life will look like.

Anna Pogorilaya

by Kirill Dorofeev

Happiness loves silence. Andrei and I didn’t want to have a big wedding, where half of the guests you don’t know by their names. It was important for us to have only the closest friends and relatives on this day. I just wish my friend – the Olympic champion Alena Savchenko – could have come, but she has the tight schedule.

Anna Pogorilaya

by Kirill Dorofeev

Anna Pogorilaya

Anna admits that the wedding wasn’t perfect, but now she and Andrei will have something to remember and laugh at. It is also interesting that the newlyweds went on the honeymoon even before becoming a husband and wife.

Now I have a season to start, so Andrei and I decided to go on a honeymoon before the wedding. We chose Greece. Perfectly rested, so I start trainings with good emotions and a beautiful tan.

by Kirill Dorofeev

by Galina Kruchkova for


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    I wish Anna and Andrei a lifetime of love, trust, joy, laughter, adventure and beautiful children!

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