Dmitri Aliev and Alisa Fedichkina got engaged?

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Maybe it’s just a photo, or maybe it means something.

Dmitri Aliev  and Alisa Fedichkina have been dating for a long time and today Dmitri posted on his Instagram:

St. Petersburg. Domes shine on the sun. Park. And two hands …I’ve known you for 4 years and I’m endlessly happy. Sport brought us together. And there is a part of your merits, thanks to which I reached new heights and overcame a new stage! Remembering JFGP (Junior Grand Prix Final), having won I called you first and shared the joy of my victory with you @alisa_fedichkina …
Good day to everyone! ☕️☀️  I was happy to share this with you!

What a beautiful couple!


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