Russian ice dance drama [01.06.2018]

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It’s been a while since I posted the Russian ice dance drama last time. Nothing extraordinary has happened, but I thought it would be nice to see some photos from vacations.

Ekaterina and Dmitri took part in some cocking TV show

Bobrova Soloviev

Dima went on vacation to Portugal and plans another one

Dmitri Soloviev

Dmitri Soloviev

and here’s the most interesting photo from their Instagrams:

“Tango romantic”

Bobrova Soloviev

So what does it mean? Do they prepare the short dance for the next season and aren’t going to skip the season?

Nikita and Victoria are now in Zurich, taking part in some training camp for children.

Nikita Katsalapov

with Sergei Rozanov

Nikita Katsalapov

Victoria Sinitsina Nikita Katsalapov

According to Victoria they already have both new programs:

Both our programs are ready. Alexander Zhulin choreographed them. Alexander Gorshkov came to our practice and approved our work.

Ivan Bukin on vacation in Montenegro

Ivan Bukin

Ivan Bukin

Alexandra Stepanova also went on vacation…….with Gregori Smirnov

Alexandra Stepanova Gregori Smirnov

and Igor Eremenko

Anastasia Shpilevaya also posted a photo from vacation……Where’s casting for the Baywatch?

Anastasiya Shpileveya

Tiffany and Jonathan in Colorado Springs

Zahorski Guirreiro

Tiffany Zahorski

Sergei Mozgov goes on vacations

Sergei Mozgov

Petina Popova had a new photoshoot

Betina Popova

Betina Popova

Pavel Drozd as always on vacations)

Pavel Drozd

Elena Ilinykh

Elena Ilinykh

and the best photo from vacations. Jonathan Guerreiro:

last week episode [13.04.2018]


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  1. Catherine Cates says:

    Nikita is HOT!!! Love him!

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