Elena Radionova: I won’t give up, I will continue to work, everything is still ahead

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Elena Radionova told about her experiences of not getting into the national team for main competitions of the season and shared her thoughts about Evgenia Medvedeva, Alina Zagitova and Maria Sotskova. 

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Elena: I was very hurt that this happened. But it happens in sport, the strongest wins. Apparently, I didn’t work enough, maybe wanted less than others.

I lived with one dream – to get to the Olympics. And when this dream broke, it was very painful and hard to overcome. After the Russian Nationals there were no emotions, only devastation. I did not want to rejoice or cry.

I can not say that after moving to seniors I haven’t succeed at all. But at we have a very strong competition in our country, each time it is necessary to confirm your level and any failure affects.

Now in figure skating 14-15-year-old girls are in the first rows and 19-20-year-olds are almost veterans. What’s happening?

Elena: It is not known what will happen to these girls when they are 18-19 years old. I, Anya Pogorilaya, Liza Tuktamysheva  have already passed this age, and it will be much easier for us than for girls who will soon start to experience a period of growing up.

It is a very difficult stage. Everything starts to hurt, you want to eat, sometimes you lose motivation. Someone can overcome this, but some can not.

As for my further performances, I want to say that I will not give up. I will continue to work, everything is still ahead.

Also Elena was asked about Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova.

Elena: Medvedeva’s injury is quite common for figure skaters, gymnasts. I had such injury twice. Yes, if you skate with this injury, the pains are terrible. But nevertheless, I performed with such injury at my first senior Grand Prix Final and performed quite well.

I understand what Zhenya feells now. She needs to participate in the European Championships and confirm her place in the team, because there is, for example, Alina Zagitova, who is at a very high level now. I think Medvedeva has already healed her injury. As a person who went through the similar situation and competed, I think she will deal with it.

Alina Zagitova’s advantage is technical complexity of her programs and serious jumping content. But, in the first half of the season the short program didn’t turn out. However, if she manages to cope with it, perhaps she will win the European Championships.

Masha Sotskova has successfully passed the period of growth. This season, she shows a good, consistent skating, and that’s why she goes to the European Championships.



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