Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov: We’re still together 24 hours a day

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Translation of the short interview with Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov for Hello magazine. About live after having a baby and possible return to the sport and participation in Averbukh’s ice show.

Tatiana, Maxim, before the birth of your daughter Angelica, you were practically inseparable. Joint trainings, competitions. How are the things now?

Maxim: Nothing has changed, we’re still together 24 hours a day (laughs). In the morning we wake up together, feed our daughter, then Tanya and I go to trainings and Angelica stays with grandmothers. In the evenings, we bathe the child before going to bed, also together. Even when Tanya goes with our daughter to swimming, while they’re splashing in the pool, I sit on the board, watch, take pictures.

You continue to train, is it for preparing for a new show or for returning to sport?

Tatiana: Both. We are preparing to participate in Alia Averbukh’s ice show “Romeo and Juliet”, the world premiere of which will be held in Sochi on July 1. We will work with Ilia and his team for the first time, yet we have small roles, but beautiful solo numbers. With the help of the ice show we plan to finally restore our sports shape and then we will see what to do. We haven’t decided yet whether to perform in professionals or amateurs. By October it will become clear.

Tatiana Volosozhar MAxim Trankov

What helps to keep in shape in addition to trainings?

Maxim: The main thing is healthy eating. Everyone who knows at least anything about it, knows that during the day you need to have a lot of snacks, while portions should be small. There are a lot of tasty things and temptations, foods with a lot of calories, which are not useful. So you should be careful and don’t let yourself to buy a kebab or fast food. Fortunately, we know about the existence of protein cocktails and bars. All components are balanced, so eating them, you can eat healthy, but do not feel that you limit yourself in something delicious.

Tatiana: I really love cooking at home, especially I enjoyed spending time in the kitchen when I was pregnant. But now there’s less opportunity to cook when you drive all day around the city in a car, to have a proper snack is a problem.

Tatiana Volosozhar Maxim Trankov

The ice show you participating in will last until October. But what about the plans for vacation, summer? Turns out you will spend it working?

Maxim: We will be in Sochi, and there is a completely different atmosphere, it’s a resort city. In addition, Tanya and I like walking, excursions, we like to rest actively. I think there we will find time for all this.

Tatiana: In this regard it’s vety interesting to travel with Maxim. He always works out the schedule of the day in advance and plans where we will go, so not to miss a minute and to see something special, interesting.


photos by Evgeni Smirnov


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