Maxim Kovtun and Mikhail Kolyada about their performances at Worlds

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Maxim Kovtun and Mikhail Kolyada commented on their performances at World Championships 2017.

Maxim Kovtun:

There is a positive moment I сan calmly skate the entire program. But today the point is that I just skated it, without energy. I made foolish and pity mistakes, especially on the loop. After such moments, I no longer had energy that would carry me forward, my program lacked lightness. I’m not very satisfied.

I wanted to skate the program with drive, but I had to skate it clean.

Maxim also said that they are working on quad lutz

But while we are not ready to put it into the program, this takes time.- Maxim said

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Mikhail Kolyada:

After a quad lutz it was hard to get together on a quad toe. The skate was average. The first axel let me down again. But in any case, I tried as best I could till the very end. This competition is very difficult, it was more difficult than last year to perform.

It’s not that we fought for Olympic spots, just the second year it’s always harder to perform. The level of rivals has increased a lot. How to keep up? The question is still open. I think, yes, it is possible to get closer you just need to change something else. For example, the program.

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