I believe in Patrick Chan

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I love figure skating. I try to support all skaters, even criticizing them I try to find something positive. But we’re all humans, we’re all biased. We all love someone more than others.

There are some special skaters for me. Skaters whom I love no matter what. As the saying goes, in joy and in sorrow. Unfortunately, every year less and less of them stay in sport. Figure skating becomes a sport for very young and I hate it with all my heart!

That’s why today I want to say thank you to one of those special for me skaters. Thank you for keeping finding a motivation,  strength to keep up with the times. Thank you for keeping fighting. Thank you, Patrick.

Probably, I’m a person with a delayed firing) Before 2011 I considered Patrick Chan only as a skater who gave too self-confident interviews and had no quad. Shame on me) I don’t know how it could happened. What happened that I changed my mind? World Championships 2011, which I had a luck to attend. One Patrick’s performance and a question “Why he has such a high second mark?” has never appeared in my head again. I went there to cheer for another athlete….but Patrick just stole my heart.

I think it’s great when skaters make you immediately fall in love with their skating, but when they make you change your mind, make you overcome your prejudice worth much more. Actually, it’s incredible.

Thank you for bringing an excitement in watching figure skating for me. There was everything: breathtaking performances, sleepless nights (because I wanted to see competitions live), tears of joy, hurted hands (damn nails) and many other things)

Thank you for pushing men’s figure skating on a completely new level. Thank you for keeping doing it. Thank you and Happy Birthday!



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One response to “I believe in Patrick Chan”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    I believe in Patrick too! And I hope he had a happy birthday :)

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