Elena Radionova: in Moscow I was very worried about Julia Lipnitskaya

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Elena Radionova told how situation with Julia Lipnitskaya at Rostelecom cup affected her.

In Moscow, before your free program you obviously had to get out of the comfort zone because of delay when Julia Lipnitskaya took a pause. Could it affect your performance?

– To be honest, I don’t know. It seems it didn’t affected much. But I was very worried about Julia, we’re in good relationships. And my state of rivalry turned off, humanly I was very sorry for her.

So you knew what was going on?

– Yes.  I looked out, I saw that she was near judges. So, I realised that something is wrong. God bless everything will be ok with her.

On the other hand, it’ an experience for you how to start, when something unexpected happened.

– Yes, probably, you have to pass through such things. Now I know how to act in such situations.

As for the mindset for performance – now more and more skaters start to stop their ears for not to hear the scores of previous competitior.

– Really? I haven’t seen it.

Anna Pogorilaya did it after your performance in Moscow.

– I never do that. Other’s scores don’t affect me – I always performed, there’s nothing about this.



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  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    I like Elena! She’s sweet!

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