“The unknown is still slightly scary, and the first step after such a long break is scary, but very necessary.” Eva-Lotta Kiibus about returning to competitions after an injury

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Translation of Eva-Lotta Kiibus comments about returning to competitions after an injury.

original source: sport.err.ee dd. 5th February 2024 by Anu Saarits

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Estonian single skater Eva-Lotta Kiibus returned to the ice after a year-long injury break, placing fourth at the Bavarian Open Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany. Here’s a translation of her comments posted on ERR.

Kiibus was diagnosed with stress fractures in both shinbones in January last year after the European Championships.

“It was quite difficult to give an assessment, considering there wasn’t really a baseline. This competition was more necessary, difficult, scary at times, the first step that needed to be taken for me and my entire team. Against this background, we were very pleased. I was very pleased myself that I could realize almost everything that I am capable of doing in training. I was able to focus on everything else and didn’t have to deal with my injury or pain relief here. From that point of view, everything was very good,” said Kiibus.

As for the score she received which was just over two points away from her result at last year’s European Championships, she told, “If at that time it was a complete failure, then starting from there is only positive. Expectations were low, and I wouldn’t say that I surprised myself at these current competitions, but still a bit. It really gave me a very good and positive boost to be able to start like this. It’s a good starting point.”

“If I had been able to realize what I am already capable of doing in training, the score would certainly have been higher. All these things are currently intertwined – self-confidence, feeling. Everything that usually comes with competitions, which I simply didn’t have at the moment,” she said.

Eva-Lotta also admitted being nervous before the short program, “The unknown is still slightly scary, and the first step after such a long break is scary, but very necessary.”

Her programs for the sesoan are “All by Myself” by Celine Dion for the short program and opera “Carmen” for the free pgoram. Both programs are choreographed by Benoit Richaud.

“It seems that the programs and costumes have succeeded, as well as the overall performance. Of course, I have discussed a lot with the coach [Thomas Kennes] about what we need to improve and change, but the overall picture seems very promising and good,” Kiibus said.


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