Shoma Uno: “People who can match Malinin in jumping skills may not appear for several decades. He might reach a level where competitions are no longer interesting.”

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Translation of Shoma Uno’s comments about Ilia Malinin and his goals to win Worlds this season.

original source: dd. 10th December 2023

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Here’s a translation Shoma Uno’s comments after the Grand Prix Final posted on Nikkansports.

About competing with Ilia Malinin, Uno said “There is no doubt that he will be in the top. Malinin himself is doing the sport, and he might reach a level where it’s no longer interesting if he dominates. What is necessary for competition is jumps. People who can match him in jump skills may not appear for several decades, given how much he progressed.”

However, Uno welcomes the accomplishments of Malinin, saying, “It’s challenging.” Referring to Nathan Chen, the 2022 Beijing Olympics champion, who maintained his motivation, Uno expressed his desire to engage in mutual improvement, stating, “I don’t want to be in a position to chase (Malinin), and I’m going to do my best so we can push each other along. I aspire to be someone who can work hard and improve myself through friendly competition.”

As for the World Championships, despite smiling and saying, “I probably won’t be able to win next season,” Uno expressed determination, “I will do my best this year. It’s the last chance! But first, the Japanese Nationals.”


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