Ilia Malinin: “My goal is to land all six quads in one program.”

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Translation of Ilia Malinin’s comments about quad axel and goal to perform all six quads in one program.

original source: by Maya Bagryantseva

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“I understand that the quadruple axel is my signature jump; you could probably call it a brand. But I will be happy when someone else jumps it; I am really looking forward to that. It would be cool to land a side by side quad axel.

Am I thinking about a combination with the quadruple axel? Probably, that is one of my goals for the next off-season.

My goal is to land all six quads in one program. I hope that once I stabilize everything, I will be able to achieve it. It’s a challenge, but I am ready for it,” Malinin said, as reported by correspondent Maya Bagryantseva.


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