Anna Pogorilaya: The season is over for me

Anna Pogorilaya told about her injury and decision to end the season.

I’m slowly recovering, but I have not brought my back to normal yet, I will not take part in the Russian National Championships. I just do not have time to prepare, and my back also won’t let me do that. Now I do not even practice on the ice, only in gym. The season is over for me.

I keep my spirits up. Injury is not eternal, I just need to support my back a little bit now, otherwise I will not get up at all.

As for continuation of her career, Anna answered:

At the moment I’m determined to restore my back and then we’ll see how it works out, but there are no crucial questions about the future.

Oh…..girl who survived puberty, was in the team for all this years, coped with super-tough competition in Russian national team, won a lot of medals, got standing ovation now has to end the season and say goodbye to all chances to go to the Olympics. It’s so sad and seems so unfair( Get well soon, Anna! There are so many more things in life besides the Olympics.

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2 Comments on Anna Pogorilaya: The season is over for me

  1. Felicity // 14/12/2017 at 07:35 // Reply

    The open hostility her coach displayed to her at the most recent event Anna skated at was truly shocking to see. Hope they have parted ways.

  2. jimmbboe // 13/12/2017 at 17:06 // Reply

    This is very sad news. Hope she gets better soon!

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