“Whether Alina will return or not is a stupid question, hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper” Tarasova and others about Zagitova’s non participation in the test skates

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Alina Zagitova won’t participate in the Russian test skates because of hosting the TV show Ice Age.

September 9th the news appeared on the FFKR web-site, cyting Alina’s appeal to the fed:

Alina Zagitova: I decided not to participate in the test skates on September 12-13, as at the moment it is very interesting for me to try myself in a new role as the host of the “Ice Age”. I ask you to treat my request with understanding and agree on this decision.”

by fsrussia.ru

Of course many have what to say about this decision)

Tatiana Tarasova: Why ask me? The sports committee answered everything. My opinion? I said everything last year, I don’t repeat twice.

In December 2019, Tarasova commented on Zagitova’s decision to take a break in her career: “Whether Alina will return or not is a stupid question, hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper.

“To remain interesting to the viewer in shows, you need to train, and she probably will do it. But it’s a pity that only three programs measure the sports lifespan of the Olympic champion.

She is still small and has not learned to lie, we understood what she was talking about, we heard her.”

by sport-express.ru

Ilia Averbukh: I don’t really understand the hype surrounding this event. Last year Alina Zagitova officially announced that she was taking a break in her career. It seems to me that everything was clear then, but I did not hear an official statement from her that she was resuming her career. Yes, we all want it, she keeps the shape, but we shouldn’t do wishful thinking. Alina has a very honest position.

by championat.com

Maxim Trankov: This decision is not a surprise. She is the host of the ice project. Nobody really needs this season, just not to stagnate.

Perhaps Alina decided to focus on the “Ice Age”. This is a new profession for her.

I know from myself how difficult it is to work on television. This is time-consuming. And the fact that Alina will not participate in the test skates did not come as a surprise to me.

by championat.com

Alexander Zhulin: I’m not surprised at all, I realized this when she agreed to participate in the “Ice Age. Probably, it is of higher priority for her. Do I think that she will miss the season? Yes.

The fact that she announced this at the last moment is probably not quite correct. You should do that somehow in advance. But still, there will be someone to look at, but this is a loss when such a name is not involved. It’s bad for the audience that she won’t be there.

by sport24.ru

Natalia Bestemiyanova: Alina is an adult girl and can make her own decisions. In her place, I would finish with sports and do other things, which are a lot in life: shows, performances, studies. Alina can achieve a lot, because she is a very young person. In sports, Zagitova has achieved everything one can dream of. They adore her, what else is needed?

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