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Three-time World Champion pushed mens figure skating to the complete new level. He wasn’t ready to medal in Vancouver but he was an absolute favorite to win the Olympics in Sochi. I didn’t want to write that he lost his Olympics. But silver obviously wasn’t what he expected. So, he lost Olympics and took a break. I think a lot of figure skating fans were hoping that he will come back.

And it happened! Patrick Chan has promised to come back this season. He has already announced his music for the season 2015-2016:

Short program: “Mack the Knife” by Michael Buble

I think it’s a good choice. He needs something edgy to remind the audience and judges that he can skate not only to classical pieces. I think new short program will be in the same style with his “Take five” program. We haven’t seen it yet, but Patrick shared with us a short video in instagram.

As for the free program, Patrick Chan said he will rework his program to Chopin’s medley that he performed at Japan Open 2014.

I can’t describe how excited I am! It was my secret dream that one season Patrick will skate to Chopin. And the dream come true. In his recent interview Patrick Chan said:

“I love Javi’s jumps and Yuzu’s triple axel. I admire them, and I admire a lot of elements of their programs, but that just is what it is. Their skating has not changed. It does not look any different. They are skating to the same pieces of music and style. Javi very much has that Charlie Chaplin style, which totally works for him. It is great, but I would love to see him do a classical piece. That is what I would do if I was in that position – I would challenge myself.”

And i think that this new free program illustrates exactly what he said. The program he performed at Japan open was more that just beautiful. It’s a challenge. I want to remind how gorgeous that program was →

This program has it all. Style, power, interesting choreo, sexuality. I hope we will have an opportunity to see it skated clean.

Before the season starts i don’t want to wish him luck, because he doesn’t need it. He doesn’t need to prove anything. The only thing he need it to skate from his heart.

While Patrick Chan was taking a break other skaters hoped to take his place of the most component figure skater. Watch Jason Browns new programs for season 2015-2016


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