Adelina Sotnikova celebrated her 20th Birthday

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On July 2, Olympic figure skating champion Adelina Sotnikova celebrated her 20th Birthday. At the party, held in a white loft were only the closest people: relatives (mother Olga, father Dmitry, sister Mary) and friends. 

Adelina Sotnikova

Adelina with her parents and sister

Adelina was preparing carefully for her 20th Birthday. To make the party unforgettable she asked event-agency for help. They offered her 4 concepts for the party:  “Alice in Wonderland”, “Queen of the Night,” “Flower Party” and “White party”. Adelina chose fourth option.

Adelina Sotnikova

with sister Maria

It all started with a spectacular raffle, which was a surprise for the guests. At the entrance each guest was marked by a fluorescent dye, then all got into the hall where they were waiting for the birthday girl communicated with each other. According to the scenario, Adelina hadn’t appeared for a long time and there was a rumour that she’s late. Suddenly one of the guests, with whom it was agreed in advance, pretended to lose consciousness.

Everyone rushed to him, a slight panic started, at this moment lights went out and there was a sound of a fire alarm. Not to scare the guests completely one of those present turned on the light on the phone and shone in the direction of the stage. The music turned on immediately and on the stage appeared dancers, among them – a  hostess Adelina Sotnikova. She clapped her hands and then ultraviolet light turned on in the hall, turning visitors into unearthly creatures – thanks to changing colors of fluorescent dye, painted at the very beginning of the party.

Adelina Sotnikova

Adelina Sotnikova

Another detail of the evening – a birthday cake, which was a surprise even for Sotnikova herself. Adelina clearly didn’t expect to see half-meter masterpiece of confectionary art – weighed 25 kg, topped with a graceful skater froze in the air on the top.

Adelina Sotnikova

Adelina Sotnikova

the source:

photos by hellomagazine and Adelina’s group in vk

Happy Birthday Adelina! Too bad we won’t see you at Grand prix.



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9 Responses to “Adelina Sotnikova celebrated her 20th Birthday”

  1. Stolbova obsessed says:

    I’m a little scared about Lipnitskaya coming back. She hasn’t skated clean in ages and besides, I think she has a serious problem with staying at her current weight (which is not heavy at all but apparently she thinks so) and Tuktamysheva is a wild card after that meldonium scandal (which I must say was NONE of her fault). But I wouldn’t be surprised if Liza, Elena, and Evgenia become the trio. Still rooting for Adelina but dang it’s gonna be tough.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I think since Julia is 18, it will be a bit easier for her to keep the same weight. But of course even with stable weight it’s impossible for a young women to compete with a girl in terms of consistancy and stamina. I also don’t think that “meldonium story” will harm Tuktamysheva, the only things she need to get into the team – to gain proper shape (which is not there as you can see on her photos from instagram) and 3axel.

      • Stolbova Obsessed says:

        I think Medvedeva will hit her growth spurt soon.
        If she survives that, or at least stays in top 3, she can stay till next year.
        Radionova looks like she’s leveling out in height, but she’s thin enough that she could possibly hit that big weight gain before next season. There’s really no guarantees.
        And Pogorilaya…well if she can quit falling all the time she’d be a threat, but besides Worlds and Nationals this year, she hasn’t been really consistent.
        If anything, Maria Sotskova might be the It Girl of the year. Russia pumps put those girls like American Girl makes the Doll of the Year.

  2. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    i don’t think she can pass Medvedeva yet. Ever notice the resemblance between Adelina and Evgenia? It’s kind of cool.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Medvedeva, Radionova, Pogorilaya, maybe Tuktamysheva will get back to her best shape, Lipnitskaya seems has dealt with her growing up problems, maybe Sotskova will add ……it’ll be very hard to be in the top-3 at Russian Nationals.

  3. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    I really hope to see her at Nats. She could probably beat Anna P and Elena R if she could get her head in it. She was looking good at Japan Open but just dropped off around Rostelecom. I think if she can fly in under the radar she could snag a spot to worlds. After that…good luck sweetie.

  4. Stolbovaobsessed says:

    Looks like she had a great time. But dang I will miss her on the GP. She is my favorite girl from Russia and I wish nothing but the best for her.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Maybe we’ll see her at the Russian Nationals? Maybe it’s early to lose hope to see her competing at the high level. But of course it’s will be extremely difficult for her to be in a top-3 at Russian Nationals….

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