Alina Zagitova: I still have much to do

Alina Zagitova and her coach Daniel Gleyhengauz commented on Alina’s senior debut at Lombardia Trophy.

I still don’t realize that I’m already at the senior level, I competed at these competitions as usual start, the same as last season.  I don’t feel any pressure about this yet. I have done just a little yet, I want to strive to show myself at more serious competitions, and this victory should not be overestimated.

I could skate the short program better, I still have much to do. It’s necessary to improve programs with each competition. – Alina said

The scores are good, but judgment was quite loyal, so let’s see how things will be at the next competitions. Of course performance in the short program can’t satisfy us, because we wanted to skate clean, but the free program was excellent. The second lutz was a bit shaky, but the rest of the jumps were very well executed. It also noticeable that our efforts in work on skating skills were not in vain.

This stupid fall on double axel … People almost beg us to change entry for this jump, but she makes it 98 out of 100 attempts. For me, it was very unexpected when she made a mistake here in Italy. In general, this is just an accident. Perhaps, nerves played their part, because it is her first competition, Alina braced herself for the first two jumps and a little bit lacked concentration for the third jump. – Daniel Gleyhengauz said.

In case you missed:

video by мой канал

video by Epic Skating

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5 Comments on Alina Zagitova: I still have much to do

  1. jimmbboe // 19/09/2017 at 06:06 // Reply

    Love the SP! I’m sure she will get the 2A worked out.

  2. Question is: is she good enough to execute that entry?
    If not, it may bury her Olympic season.

    • skating fan // 18/09/2017 at 19:36 // Reply

      We’ll see, but one fall doesn’t determine anything and it’s only September. I think she’s aware that she has to take risks in order to qualify to the OG, competition among Russian girls is quite tough.

  3. skating fan // 17/09/2017 at 21:48 // Reply

    I very like her new SP. Beautiful spins, very good jumps and what an entry to 2A! I have seen such an entry for the first time. I like nuances of the music like 0:45, it remind me of the conception of white and black swan. I like her dress, I think it’s a dramatic dress for a dramatic program. Only one thing which could be better- some cuts of the music could be smoother, but overall I like SP very much :)

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