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Welcome to FS Gossips blog

This is my blog about figure skating. I’m a crazy fan of this sport who watch almost every competition no matter how bad the stream is or how late at night (or early in the morning) it is.

I hope you will share my passion about figure skating and you will enjoy my blog. Here I am writing about figure skating news and events. I also love to discuss music, dresses, choreography, so I write a lot about it here and you are welcome to comment and share your opinions.

I do amateur skating so I know figure skating jumps, moves, spins, steps etc. I am not a pro and I don’t judge skaters like a pro, but I have basic notions about skating and I know how hard it is and I see beauty in it.

You are welcome to comment in blog and share your opinion.

In order to keep in touch with me, follow me in social networks, I always need new followers. Likes, shares, comments are welcome!

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14 Comments on About blog

  1. I wanted to ask you a little more information about one of the skaters you have recently written about. How can I correspond with you privately. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. I really enjoy your blog, keep it up!!! Congratulations

  3. Kittysk8s // 23/08/2016 at 22:15 // Reply

    Hello. I am from Canada and I have recently discovered your blog and I very much enjoy it! Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you for this site about figure skating! I really like content of it, and every day is something new, interesting, I enjoy it very much! Unfortunately, my skating skills are very bad, and I am fan of figure skating “on the sofa”, so my comments can only be as spectator’s, but still it’s very interesting to read what happens in the world of figure skating. Thank you for your job!!!

    • Thanks! Now I do mostly translations, because it’s offseason) And mostly about Russian skaters, because other interviews is avaliable in English on a lot of sites, blogs and forums, and not much info about Russian skaters is usually translated more then just with google translate)

      • Interviews are really good! I speak Russian very good, but still I read your blog, because there is everything I need.

  5. Aleksandra // 07/04/2016 at 16:18 // Reply

    I need to say that I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m amazed:)I come from a country where figure skating is not popular at all so I need to search for information and your blog is everything I need – thank you:)
    p.s. love Game of thrones as well :)

    • Thank you) And where are you from?)

      • Aleksandra // 07/04/2016 at 17:12 // Reply

        I come from Poland – we had some good skaters – but today as I said this sport is not popular, even during the most important competitions (like Europeans or Worlds) you need to try hard to watch something:(
        Thank God for an internet:))

  6. nana23kids // 01/11/2015 at 02:20 // Reply

    As you can tell I really enjoy your blog. Wish that others would comment. Unfortunately I only speak english but my granddaughter is learning to speak russian.

    • Figure skating motivates to learn languages) That moment when you realise that you understand what Japanese commentators are saying about the skater) Good luck to your granddaughter, russian is not an easy language/

  7. nana23kids // 01/11/2015 at 02:17 // Reply

    Can’t wait for your take on costumes. Swarovski sure didn’t make any money on the free dance dresses. Not that i mind.

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