Grand-Prix Final 2016: review

Posted on 2016-12-13 • 9 comments

I was so upset, that I couldn't go to Marseille, that instead of sun, heat, French cheeses and wines I had just cheese, [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: figure skating has both technique and choreography

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Translation of Tatjana Flade interview with Mikhail Kolyada. About NHK Trophy, quad lutz and upcoming Russian Nationals [...]

NHK Trophy 2016: review

Posted on 2016-11-28 • 11 comments

Purple rain, purple rain Purple rain, purple rain Purple rain, purple rain I only wanted to see you Bathing in the [...]

Denis Ten: the champion is always the one who finds a golden mean

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Translation of Andrey Simonenko's interview with Denis Ten. Denis, speaking about come back, do you have an [...]

Cup of China 2016: review

Posted on 2016-11-22 • 13 comments

Grand-prix in China was a pretty screwy for me. Firstly, I locked at the wrong shedule, calculated the wrong [...]

Trophee de France 2016 review

Posted on 2016-11-15 • 7 comments

French people are very creative. They always come up with something new even in figure skating competitions: k&c [...]

Skate America 2016 review

Posted on 2016-10-25 • 13 comments

Sorry for delay, I had to sleep after Skate America) Because I had  8 hour time-difference with Chicago and I spent [...]

Sergei Voronov: I did what I can

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I think Sergei Voronov had the best performance at Skate America, among all Russian athletes. I'm happy for Sergei, he [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: I try not to think about last season

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Mikhail Kolyada gave a comment to Tatjana Flade on his performance at Finlandia Trophy. Mikhail: This competition [...]

Marina Zueva: it’s happiness to see every day how Patrick skates

Posted on 2016-10-11 • 8 comments

I've already posted some sneak peaks form this interview with Marina Zueva, and here' a full version. The news about [...]

Marina Zueva: Chan and Chen

Posted on 2016-10-09 • 3 comments

I was more than just surprised when Patrick announced his new coaching team. I was even more surprised when I saw [...]

Sergei Voronov: Experience is priceless but it comes with age

Posted on 2016-10-06 • 1 comment

My translation of Tatjana Flade's interview with Sergei Voronov. About his performance at Ondrej Nepela Memorial, [...]

Sergei Voronov: There is no magic wand that will help you to win

Posted on 2016-09-23 • 1 comment

Interview with Sergei Voronov about his new programs and working with new coach.  Tell us about programs for this [...]

Adian Pitkeev withdrew from Grand Prix

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According to Elena Buyanova Adian Pitkeev has to postpone the start of competitive practice in the current season due [...]

Russian test skates 2016

Posted on 2016-09-08 • 6 comments

Sept 7th start test skate of Russian figure skating team. I found a time schedule of closed part: September [...]

Russian skaters showed new programs | men fp [video]

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Russian men showed their new free programs at local competition in St. Petersburg: Alexander Petrov FP 'My Kind Of [...]

Russian skaters showed new programs | men sp [video]

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Some Russian skaters have already shown their new programs at local competition in St.Petersburg. See some videos of [...]

Kathy Johnson has resigned as Patrick Chan’s coach.

Posted on 2016-08-23 • 2 comments

Breaking news. Kathy Johnson has resigned as Patrick Chan's coach. Shocking news actually. I was one of those [...]

Shoma Uno’s new programs for season 2016-2017

Posted on 2016-08-16 • 4 comments

We've already seen Shoma Uno's free program and recently he showed his new short program. So, I decided to make one [...]

Valentina Chebotareva about her skaters Konstantinova and Kolyada

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Interview with Valentina Chebotareva about her skaters Stanislava Konstantinova and Mikhail Kolyada - preparation for [...]

Evgeni Rukavitsin about his junior skaters

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Translation of an interview with Evgeni Rukavitsin about his junior skaters Dmitri Aliev and Alisa Fedichkina. E.R: [...]

Jason Brown new short program [video]

Posted on 2016-07-30 • 1 comment

Jason Brown showed new short program to Secret Garden at Glacier Falls Summer Classic 2016. Ahh, it's bad [...]

Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu showed their new programs

Posted on 2016-07-23 • 3 comments

Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu were brave enough to show their new programs this early. Let's take a look. Adam Rippon [...]

Maxim Kovtun: I just need to do my job

Posted on 2016-07-15 • 11 comments

Interview with Maxim Kovtun. About preparation for the new season, new programs and work with new coach. Maxim, you [...]