Jason Brown new short program [video]

Posted on 2016-07-30 • 1 comment


Jason Brown showed new short program to Secret Garden at Glacier Falls Summer Classic 2016.

Ahh, it’s bad quality of video, but even with such video, I can surely say that this program is magnificent! Such lyrical style suits Jason a lot. The program has nerve, I’m sure that it’ll be to goosebumps and tears. So, please, please, Jason, skate this amazing program at competitions clean, with all your emotions and power!!! LOVE IT!

It’s difficult to see the costume…..maybe it’s for the best))) I hope he’ll chose something laconic and tasteful.


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One response to “Jason Brown new short program [video]”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    Oh I love him so much! And he’s so handsome!

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