Sergei Voronov: There is no magic wand that will help you to win

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Interview with Sergei Voronov about his new programs and working with new coach

Tell us about programs for this season?

Sergei: Nikolai Morozov did programs for me. When he agreed to work with me, I haven’t thought about other options. It was always interesting to work with him, and I’m glad that everything worked out.

We did programs in Novogorsk, you can say “next door”, close to home. I’m very pleased with the free program. Muse «Exogenesis» part 3 – lots of people skated to it, however, it inspires me a lot. I just had to take it at least once.

This season, you moved to the group of Inna Goncharenko, tell us about your impressions of cooperation with this specialist?

Sergei: All new is well forgotten old. One thing I learned: with every coach you should work a lot. And Ina Germanovna isn’t an exception. There may be some changes in work, process of training, but they are not essential. Approximately the same load, the same working life.

Although, of course, I want to say that every coach is different and Inna Germanovna is a person with a capital letter.

Now you’re training with several successful single skaters. What do you think about this?

Sergei: Definitely it doesn’t let me to relax. I’m very happy that Maxim Kovtun joined our group. When you have such a strong sparring partner, you look at him and note something for yourself. We spurring each other. I’m grateful Max for that.

You have a long career, how often happened times when you wanted to quit? How you cope with it?

Sergei: Of course, in sports, as in life, there are situations when you want to quit. Let it sound corny, but you must love your job, get up in the morning and realize – ‘I can not without it.’

I’m not saying that I can’t imagine my life without skating. However, at the moment, I haven’t closed the book of my career. Actually, I want to finish it on a high note.

What is your main motivation this season?

Sergei: First of all, I’ll go in small steps. Element by element, day after day. I have a big goal, but I don’t want to talk about it. It will be possible to discuss when it’s reached. This season, I want to prove that I’m fully competitive at a high level.

You had a lot of successful, wise mentors, tell me what was the main thing each of them has taught you?

Sergei: Yes, it’s true, I have worked with outstanding coaches. I’m very grateful to all of them, especially for the fact that they shared their knowledges with me. But the most important thing I realized only a few years ago. There are no miracles in sport, no magic wand that will help you to win. You should just work. Work a lot, devoting yourself to the work. It’s my formula.




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    Max Kovtun and Sergei with a Muse battle…loving it.

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