Best costumes: ladies short program

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Need to say, girls looked just fabulous! Lots of great dresses! It wasn’t easy to choose the best.

5. Dasa Grm 

Dasa Grm

I would like to encourage Dasa for originality of design, for trying something new and original. Not typical length of skirt for single skating. Interesting cut on the open back. Even the pink fabric on the skirt looks conceptual…and weird, in a good way weird) I’ll definitely remember this dress!

4. Evgenia Medvedeva

Evgenia Medvedeva

I’ve discussed this dress here. Lovely silhouette, great choice of color for this program and music. I also like the sleeves of mesh in tone with the dress. The arms look more refined and every gesture is highlighted. Sweetheart neckline with lots of silver Swarovski crystals make the dress look expensive and reminds me Brad Griffies’ designs. Still beautiful and elegant dress for a young lady. And totally age appropriate, for me it’s also a huge plus. But….this necklace I would have gladly removed. And tights….Honey, you have great dress! And those tights just spoiled all impression(

3. Mao Asada

Mao Asada

First of all It’s great to see Mao wearing bright colors! She looks chic! And her dress is an example of simple but important rule: open something one either neckline or the back. Light silver finishing on the bodice and back looks tender and add some sparkle. And the skirt is so playful and moves just in tact with the music! Also want to add that I really like Mao’s hairstyle! She looks different in this program, and I like new Mao a lot)

2. Zijun Li

Zijun Li

I have already discussed this dress here. Zijun is always very well dressed! This noble-blue color is a perfect choice for Clair de lune program. So elegant and gorgeous. The semi-translucent stripe for one-shoulder design looks interesting. I’m really in love with dress! It highlights Zijun’s tenderness, beauty and incredibly amazing skin tone. She has a royal look.

1. Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner

It was hard to choose the best dress between Gracie and Ashley) And I failed to choose) They both look incredible in this simple, chic, hot, little black dresses! Great example of how to look more than just amazing in simple dresses without lots of finishing!

Gracie Gold

I have discussed this dress here. I like the concept of Gracie’s costume, it’s remind of classic dress for Argentinian tango. Very interesting cut on the back! And scarlett lining is just a thing that made this dress!

Ashley Wagner

Yes, it was totally a right decision to return to this dress (i’ve discussed it here)! It seems to be lucky for Ashley. I also like this one more, than previous with the fringe on the skirt. So simple, so sexy! The back is just fabulous! She looks incredible, better then I’ve ever seen her! Little black dress seems to be a key to success) Loved loved loved this dress!


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