Best costumes at Cup of China 2015

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The third GP event have brought some unexpected results in terms of placement, but let’s discuss the fashion results. So, here is my list of best costumes at Audi Cup of China 2015.

Best man’s costume – Javir Fernandez

Javier Fernandez

Skating a program to Spanish music it’s difficult to avoid traditional black and red color combination) Proved by paso-doble season) What I like about Javier’s costume is that it’s not overdone with details. That gives you a chance to appreciate the deep red color of the shirt and also don’t distract from his skating. I like the shape of the sleeves they are really highlight the arms movements. Tiny golden applique add some sparkle but just a little bit. The costume suits Javier a lot and he looks damn hot.

Best pair’s costume – Xiaoyu Yu & Yang Jin 


Xiaoyu Yu & Yang Jin kept their program from last season and they also kept the costumes. So, I have already discussed them in my annual fashion ranking, where they placed pretty high. I like the color scheme. The girl’s dress is of more tender and light shade that highlights her youth and beauty. The neckline is decorated with laces of the same colors with her partner’s shirt. His costume made in darker colors, and I like that because such shades make him look more mature. I also like this romantic and modern shirt with drapery. it looks trendy.

Best ladies costume – Zijun Li 

Zijun li

Zijun Li is usually very well dressed! And this season is not an exception! I just fell in love with this elegant dark blue dress! First of all I like how deep blue looks on ice, Secondly, I think this color bring some nobility in the whole look. The finishing with silver rhinestones of different sizes looks so delicate and gorgeous. For me it’s a perfect choice for a young lady and for this program. I wish Polina Edmunds wore something like this too for her Moonlight sonata sp, maybe she should get the number of Zijun’s designer?

Best ice dance’s costumes Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte

cappellini lanotte

This costumes are another perfect example of simple elegance! Classical black-and-white combination gives me a bit of associations with old movies and Golden Age of Hollywood. I can feel some retro notes, but it add its charm and fit perfectly into the mood of their free dance. Great choice! Anna’s dress looks absolutely ready to wear, I can imagine her going to some luxurious party in this dress. Such reality of the costumes is kind a trend in modern figure skating fashion. I don’t know who sew costumes for them, but I want to say thank you for that person! Especially for Luca’s, he always dresses with lots of taste, his costumes always has right proportion and great chosen fabrics! Great work!

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