Best costumes at Skate Canada 2015

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Skaters at Skate Canada quite impressed me with their costumes. Some of them have good chances to get into my annual rankings of the best costumes. But here is the short list of best costumes in each discipline from this event.

Best man’s costume – Michal Brezina


I understand that figure skating costumes are almost a stage costumes and you can use for them something that you will never wear in a real life, but I don’t like when skaters use too much of everything in one costume. Especially male skaters. I like when a men looks like a men. Michal Brezina is a perfect example of how to look fabulous without sequins, ruffles, laces, etc. He looks elegant, stylish and manfully. Great imitation of tailcoat, the designer has paid attention to details and the costume is really well fitted. Nothing can be better for a man than a good suit!

Best pair’s costume – Meagan Duhamel Eric Radford


I’m glad Meagan Duhamel has returned to deep colors that suit her and has finished her experiments with light and tender color shades that are not for her. I liked both their costumes, (for short and free), but for the free I like a little bit more With a assymetrical neckline Eric’s shirt looks interestind and more chic. I also like that Meagan’s dress is well decorated (the back has an expensive look) but still simple and not too distractive. Best part of the dress is collar, bright detail that add some sparkles. Such silhouette as halter-neck is really demanding for your arms and shouldres shape, you can’t afford any extra kilo, but Meagan totally can wear such dress.

Best ladies costume – Ashley Wagner


Marissa Castelli is definetly a very good friend! If I were her I wouldn’t give such dress to anyone)) Yes, I’m greedy when it comes to a beautiful dress) This simple little black dress is just damn good! Sexy and cpicy but still elegant and tasteful! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo in different racurs but the back on this dress is just stunning! As I said, not everyone can look good in a halter-neck dress, but Ashley is in a good shape now and she looks skinny in this dress. Great choice!

Best ice dance’s costume – Kaitlyn Weaver Andrew Poje

weaver and poje

Usualy I’m not a fan of costumes with lots of decoration. But classical waltz gives you a chance to be a princess. So, you can have a long multi-layer skirt, pearls, rhinestones, laces, feather, glows and expensively looking acessories. And Kaitlyn Weaver looks even not like a princess but like queen. Great choice of color, lots of decoration on the bodice but they match the shade of the dress and on a distance looks marvelous. And Andrew Poje seems to be born to wear such luxury suits and tailcoats. Appiarance is a trump card in such subjective sport like ice dance. Kaitlyn and Andrew definetly knows how to use this advantage! On the moment they are one of the best dressed couple in ice dance.

See who was a best dressed lady at Skate America, and who shocked me with his strange costume.

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