Tatiana Volosozhar: “For Tarasova and Morozov working with Tutberidze is an increase of chances of qualifying for the Olympics”

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Interview with Tatiana Volosozhar. Tatiana explained how cooperation with Eteri Tutberidze will help her husband Maxim Trankov to develop as a coach and named the positive aspects and possible difficulties for Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov when working with Tutberidze.

source: gazeta.ru dd. 1st July 2021 by Elvira Ondar

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What was your reaction when you found out that Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov will cooperate with Eteri Tutberidze?

Tatiana Volosozhar: For me it was not a surprise. Naturally, Max and I are discussing figure skating and some work issues at home, although I have nothing to do with the guys now.

Of course, I am glad that this cooperation has developed, because Eteri Georgievna has such a team, always productive work and results. I believe that strengthening the team with pair skaters is the right decision, especially since now there is also a team event at the Olympics.

In addition to Maxim, other assistants were added to the Tutberidze’s team. For example, Pavel Slyusarenko from Perm, who joined the team. I hope that a good result will come out as a result of such cooperation.

In general, I am very happy for the guys. Moreover, now they have their own stable base, a skating rink, where they can feel at home. And this is very important for an athlete, especially during preparation for the Olympic Games. Because training on different skating rinks leaves its mark: fatigue, inconvenience, constant travel. Therefore, I am very glad that they have such a reliable base.

It remains only to work well and fruitfully and show the same results that Eteri Georgievna shows with her single skaters.

How risky is it to enter the Olympic season with coaches who have previously specialized only in single skating?

Tatiana Volosozhar: Eteri Georgievna, as the head coach, organizes the whole process – ice, team, watches the athletes, of course, takes part in the training process. And for help with pair elements, there are Maxim and Pavel. Pavel, by the way, is a famous coach of junior pairs, who shows good technical results. Perm is always a leader in junior pair skating, and at the senior level too.

For Tarasova and Morozov working with Tutberidze is an increase of chances of entering the top three at Nationals and qualifying for the Olympics.

The most important competition of the season at the moment is the Russian Nationals, which will take place in December. And now the main task is to qualify for the Olympic Games there.

Could there be any difficulties in this cooperation at all?

Tatiana Volosozhar: In fact, I see more advantages in working with Eteri Georgievna for the guys. This is a high-quality, fruitful, many hours long daily work.

As I said, they will be at their training base, they know that they always have a skating rink where they train and can manage their time: rest or something else. They do not need to dangle around the city from one training session to another.

Probably, some difficulties may arise due to the fact that Tarasova and Morozov are no longer juniors, not young athletes. And Eteri Georgievna has multiple, hours-long and exhausting workouts.

But, since the guys are aimed only for victory, they got a great chance in life, so now they just need to pick themself up and work at maximum. Then they will certainly have a result.

Do you think working with Khrustalny will be a step forward for your spouse Maxim in terms of coaching development?

Tatiana Volosozhar: Of course, to be honest, Maxim has a lot of experience working with great coaches. He worked with many coaches who raised Olympic champions and gave him a lot. And of course working with Eteri Georgievna will be a huge advantage for him. Therefore, I am very glad that he got into this team.

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Maxim said in an interview that in a year it will be possible to try to send your daughter Angelica to the Tutberidze’s group. What do you think about it? Then they could see each other at the rink every day.

Tatiana Volosozhar: In fact, we could try it at least for the sake of Angelica being next to Maxim. At the moment, the guys are in Novogorsk at the training base, and we do not have such an opportunity.

In general, if we consider Angelica in figure skating, then, of course, we already need to choose a group where she will skate with other children, where she will grow professionally, in terms of skating. Therefore, it would be nice to go to the Tutberidze’s group, probably, but I understand that it is difficult to do it right away.

If Angelica decides to be a skater and is ready to work that much, then we can try. Although it has already been seen that she is a hardworking girl.


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