Kaori Sakamoto: “Experience is the most significant factor supporting me.”

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Translation of Kaori Sakamoto’s comments about Japanese Nationals and goals for the season.

original source: nikkansports.com dd. 224 December 2023

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Here’s a translation of Kaori Sakamoto comments posted on Nikkansports.

“My goal for this season was a three-peat at both the Japanese Nationals and the World Championships. Achieving the first one is a relief,” said Sakamoto.

“Experience is the most significant factor supporting me. Plus, knowing ‘how much support I receive from those around me’ is genuinely crucial,” Kaori answered the question of how she keeps winning.

As for the World Championships, “To achieve a three-peat, I need to solidify things like spins a bit more. I will strive to deliver a flawless performance at the World Championships.”


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