Alena Kostornaia about going back her “Angel” program: “When I skated it as a single skater, I got tired of it. I wasn’t mature enough.”

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Translation of Alena Kostornaia’s comments about going back to her Angel program.

original source: Championat

photo Dmitri Chelyapin / MatchTV

Here’s a translation of Alena Kostornaia’s comments about doing her Angel program again but this time as a pair skater.

At the Russian Nationals, Alena Kostornaia and Georgi Kunitsa presented a new short program to the composition “The Departure” by Max Richter. The figure skater had previously performed to this music during the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons when she was a single skater.

“Alena Kostornaia: When I skated it as a single skater, I got tired of it. I wasn’t mature enough. I looked good in it — I generally look good in classics. We will work on it. I think this program should be better.

Regarding the current part of the season? We did everything we could, except for the day before yesterday. We are satisfied with ourselves, know where to strive. I think improvements will show starting from the next competitions. Next up are the New Year’s shows and the Spartakiad.

There is a thing when people skate together for a long time and feel the partner. ’50 Shades of Grey’ — it’s not the music you should skate to when you need to learn this. It seems like blues, what to show there — you smile beautifully, make eyes, and it’s done.

But in reality, it’s very difficult to skate to. When you show each other some emotions at home, there’s nothing complicated about it. But showing it in front of people is very difficult.

So, we decided that neoclassics would be more plausible and look better for us now. The decision was made to make a new short program, and I, Betina (Popova), and Sergei Sergeyevich (Roslyakov) started practicing almost immediately after the free program at the GP in Moscow.

Why not try it, especially now that we have a foundation to improve next season.”


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