Ivan Bukin: “I want to admire Sasha! We are already training with her at full strength, two workouts per day. Although it’s only been a little time since she gave birth.”

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Ivan Bukin about returning to trainings with Aleksandra Stepanova and switching to the group of Alexander Zhulin.

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How is the work going after returning to the ice? In what shape is Stepanova after giving birth?

Ivan Bukin: I’m proud of Sana, she’s great. It’s only been a little time since the birth of their daughter. I want to admire Sasha! We are already training with her at full strength, two workouts per day.

We are gradually starting to prepare for the season, remembering our program that was choreographed last year. We are changing something, adding something. The work is going.

Was Stepanova’s pregnancy a surprise for you?

Ivan Bukin: I knew from the very beginning, it wasn’t a surprise for me. I am very happy that everything happened, everything is good, and they have a wonderful daughter.

There are rumors that Stepanova was the initiator of the move to Zhulin’s team, while you wanted to stay with Svinin and Zhuk. What really happened?

Ivan Bukin: We are a team, Sasha and I made this decision together. It was very difficult, but at this stage, we decided to do it. We will try to work in the new team. We will try to do something better, something new.

What do you think working with Zhulin will bring you?

Ivan Bukin: This is a new vision. A new person always adds something of their own. I have worked with Sasha Zhulin before (in a TV project), I really liked how he coaches, how he sees figure skating. He can give us a new impetus.

Zhulin now has four strong pairs, three of which competed last season and are in top form. How difficult will it be in such conditions?

Ivan Bukin: This is only a plus. All the pairs in our group will grow, we will push each other. There will be healthy competition within the group, which is great and will only be beneficial. There are no negative factors in such competition. I am always for competition because it motivates and moves forward.


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