World Junior Championships. Costume review: free dance

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Costumes play huge part in figure skating, but in ice dance it a very important thing! Costumes can help to make your dance look gorgeous or they can destroy the best choreo. See who coped with the costume task at Junior Worlds. Top-5 best costumes in the free dance.

5. Elliana Pogrebinsky – Alex Benoit


From the first sight at this costumes you haven’t any doubts – we’ll see Romeo and Juliette. And that’s not bad at all. Costume should be in style of the dance, and make it easier for viewers and judges to understand what is going on on the ice) What I like about this costumes is that they are not too theatrical. The designer didn’t try to create a real historical costumes and it was a completely right decision. But costumes still have historical notes. I also see some parallels between Elliana’s dress and ballet chiton in which ballerinas dance the party of Juliette in classical ballet. The hair accessory is also in style. For the Alex’s costume were chosen darker colours and I like alot the deep vinous color. But I wish his costume have been more sophisticated and the details have been more noticeable.

4. Anastasia Shpilevaya – Grigory Smirnov

Anastasia SHPILEVAYA / Grigory SMIRNOV

Another pink pink dress in my top) Nice combination of colours. This costumes have a lot from the list “fashion tendencies in figure skating costumes”. They are simple, elegant, have a real-clothes look. I can add also one feature that’s I always appreciate in costumes – they’re age appropriate. Costumes highlight the youth and beauty of the pair, don’t make them look older than they really are. Lovely and romantic set. Anastasiya’s dress somehow reminds me of Tessa Virtue’s wardrobe. I think it’s a good sign) I wish his costume looked a little bit more like a costume…..Yes, I remember about real-clothes look, but it still shouldn’t have a look “everything was bought in the nearest shop”.

3. Angelique Abachkina – Louis Thauron


I’ve already discussed this costumes here. Angelique also wears a dress in antique style. But the program requires this. It’s also look a bit like the ballet chiton, which is also a good match for this music. I like the simplicity of her dress. The combination of sky-blue and gold look beautifully and don’t need other decorations. She’s also has long skinny legs, and such legs usually seem a bit stiff, and light, long skirt helps to hide this. Really wise choice of silhouette. Louis’ costumes is also totally in style of the programs, and has historical references, but doesn’t look overdone or costumey.

2. Alla Loboda – Pavel Drozd

Alla Loboda Pavel Drozd

I also discussed this costumes many times. For example here and here. It was one of the favorites to win the costume competition this season) All A’s dress is a real ball gown dress of a young lady of 18th century. Romantic and tender. The skirt look great in motion. And it was a right decision to make it a bit shorter so, Pavel don’t get entangled in layers of chiffon. And the laces make the dress) At the beginning of the season I thought that it’d be better to make Pavel’s costume more formal. But then I realised (when the dance was skated well and impressive) that it’s actually a good idea to make the tailcoat look slightly slipshod – to show the inner passions of the character he plays.

1.Marjorie Lajoie – Zachary Lagha

Marjorie LAJOIE / Zachary LAGHA

Costumes of Loboda and Drozd for a long time have been my favorites to win. But then this guys appeared in this costumes and just stole the show. For a classical ballet program nothing could be better then a traditional ballet costumes. There’s no need to invent something new, everything has been already invented. Of course you need to adapt classical ballet costumes to figure skating realities. And I need to say it’s not that easy. This costumes perfectly done and have it all and love every detail!

Here’s the top-5 best costumes from the short dance. Interesting that only Loboda – Drozd and Lajoie – Lagha got in both tops. Well done!


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