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Free dance is my favorite figure skating discipline in terms of costumes. Because the fantasy of skaters and their designers is not so limited by the elements required in single and pair skating. So, from ice dancers I always expect a lot.

Here is the list of costumes that I liked at ISU JGP in Zagreb.

Emilia Kalehanava and Uladzislau Palkhouski (Belarus)

Emilia Kalehanava and Uladzislau Palkhouski

I think this costumes are nice and cute. They also suit a lot for young duo. Everything is in style and very well done. It was a right decision not to use bright colors for Uladzislau’s costume, so it looks great and not like the costume for Halloween (how it usually happens with cowboy costumes)

Viktoria Semenjuk and Artur Gruzdev (Estonia)

Viktoria Semenjuk and Artur Gruzdev

Viktoria looks amazing in this short red dress. It fits perfectly to her beautiful figure. I also like when girls doesn’t hide their legs with kilometers of skirts) I like both this costumes but separately, they still need something to make a slight connection between them.

Sandrine Hofstetter and Benjamin Steffan (Germany)

Sadrine Hofstetter and Benjamin Steffan

I really like this dress! Perfect color and cut. Simple, stylish and sexy. Sandrine seems to be a brave girl) No rhinestones, no sequins! I loved it! I wish her partner’s shirt has been not so wide and more fitted to his figure.

Angelique Abachkina and Louis Thauron (France)

Angelique Abachkina and Louis Thauron

Seems sky blue become a trend among juniors) But when else to wear such shade if not when you young! Angelique looks fantastic, stunning beauty. Her dress has both the historical and balletic notes. Louis’s costume is totally in style but looks modern and fashionable!

See whose costumes were the best in short dance at ISU JGP in Zagreb

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2 Responses to “Best dresses from ISU JGP in Zagreb |free dance”

  1. nana23kids says:

    Sandrine’s dress is one of my favorite of the season. Love the simple elegance. Hint hint to other skaters. You can be memorable without bling.

    • Anastasi14 says:

      I like a lot simple dresses in figure skating. They look better and more sophisticated than dresses with lots of sequins and ruffles. Simple dresses also do not distract from actual skating. Unfortunately not a lot of skaters shares my opinion.

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