Nina Mozer: we don’t have any medal goals

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Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot had to withdraw from Grand-prix Final due to Aliona's injury, Natalia Zabijako and [...]

Rostelecom Cup 2016: live impressions

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This time I decided that Rostelecom cup is one of my best chances to watch figure skating of such level live. So, I [...]

Elena Vaytsekhovskaya: drama instead of triumph

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I really like Vaytsekhovskaya's reviews and I thought it may be interesting for you too. Here's a translations of her [...]

Zabijako and Enbert: injuries become usual thing in pair skating

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Translation of an interview with Natalia Zabijako and Alexander Enbert What helped you to overcome the difficulties [...]

Russian test skates 2016 pairs free program [video]

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I think almost all already have seen it, but I think it'll be convenient to have all videos in one place. I also want [...]

News from Mozer’s group

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Nina Mozer gave a comment after test skates about her pairs. Volosozhar / Trankov are going to skip  2016-2017 [...]

Russian test skates 2016 pairs short program [video]

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Russian test skates pairs' short program: Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov I liked it! Eventually their [...]

Fedor Klimov still hasn’t recovered from injury

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Nina Mozer recently gave a comment to about Fedor Klimov's injury. According to Mozer Fedor still hasn't [...]

Russian Nationals 2016. Pair’s short [video]

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Results of the pair's short program at Russian Nationals 2016. 1.Tatiana Volosozhar / Maxim Trankov - 83.65 [...]