Skate Canada 2017 review

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I love watching competitions in Canada and USA, because for me it’s night and late night, so I can sit and watch and no one and nothing distracts me. The important thing is just to find a good place where I can sit with my laptop, because if I suddenly fall asleep I don’t what my family to find me in the morning in some weird place for sleeping… table, or kitchen floor….The entries for Skate Canada were amazing, each discipline seemed interesting to watch, so I was really looking forward this competition. If only I knew how sad it would turn out for me.

But first I found out that Patrick Chan’s luggage was lot, so I was really worry. What if he will have to borrow someone else’s costumes! I doubted my mental state can handle Patrick in some huge amount of rhinestones or ruffles. But we’ll get back to that later.

Competitions started with ladies event.

I really feel sad for Alaine Chartrand. Canada has three spots for Olympics, so she’s almost guaranteed a trip a Korea. She isn’t a medal contender, well she isn’t even a top-10 contender. Olympics are rather a holiday for her. So relax and enjoy your moment. But have a feeling that she’s not comfortable with her programs(

Thank goodness Laurine’s grey leg is gone and she’s wearing a lovely pink dress instead. The free program was also lovely. The Russian commentator even said that her jumps are sexy. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know)

Strange thing but I like Rika Hongo, despite her bad posture and lack of nice lines. I also like her programs, especially Frida….in Russian shawl.

I’ve heard so much about Marina Honda! That she’s a beauty, a big talent and a future bright star. So my expectations were quite high. Yes, she’s really so beautiful, but that short program was a mess( The free was very good, but Marin had to learn the hard trueth – you can’t win with a short program, but you can lose because of the short program.

For her short program Anna Pogorilaya definitely stole Kaitlyn Weaver’s dress. Anna, give that dress back to Kaitlyn, your beauty deserves something more exclusive. Plus topless-effect doesn’t suit you. Her short program is lovely, but I think it isn’t powerful enough. Well I was mentally prepared that Anna won’t skate her fp good. She withdrew from fp at some local competition, she’s obviously not in shape, but I wasn’t ready for “Helsinki disaster 2” + an argue with her coach in the kiss and cry. Something isn’t working there and I’m afraid she just lost her chance to go to the Olympics. No matter how the season goes, the Federation won’t choose her for that third spot. It was heartbreaking, if only I knew that wasn’t the last drama of the day, I’d go to bed just after ladies free.

Karen Chen changed her free program, this one she choreographed herself. Well I didn’t notice much changes except for the music. Minus one Karmen, plus one typical lyrical program. Courtney Hicks positively surprised me. She did quite well in the short program, work on your free program Courtney and you can try to fight for the third spot for Olympics.

Yes, about that…in Russia fans joke that Plushenko is still their best choice for Olympics, In USA they can think of sending Michelle or Tara, there won’t be much difference, but the media hype will be enormous. Just think about that)

Oh Ashley, I really loved that Moulin Rouge program three years ago….but I don’t think I have enough enthusiasm to watch it for the third season. I knew every music change, every choreo detail, this program already had it brightest moment, tha magic of this program is lost, well at least for me. And, Ashley, you can’t afford to loose so much on levels of spins and underrotations( I’m afraid to imagine what was Rafael thinking after that short program) Good that he has Nathan now, I don’t want Rafael to be sad. Oh, and what happened with her hair color?

Maria‘s dress for the short program isn’t ready yet, I hope it will look gorgeous. Somehow the old dress doesn’t let me to fully appreciate her new program…..But she really tries to show that her jumps are fully rotated, I think they worked a lot on her jumps. Unfortunately she has enough power for that only in the first part of the program. As for the FP…..the choreo is nice, she has great lines and the music is beautiful, but the program is boring to death. Thank goodness ladies’ free wasn’t late at night, otherwise I’d have been sleeping after ten seconds of this program.

Kaetlyn Osmond‘s sp was gorgeous! It’s the best program in her career and it was absolutely right decision to bring it back in Olympic season. This short maybe a key to an Olympic podium for her. The free wasn’t convincing enough. First I thought it’s a great idea for her to skate to such a powerful music, but I can’t say I like the music cut. It isn’t powerful enough to really show Kaetlyn’s strong sides. I also don’t like that she portrays a ballerina. Lets face it, she’s not a ballerina. So I would really like her to portray a dark power, a mysterious bad girl who charmed and stole the prince.

Men‘s event…I wish I haven’t watched it.

With every competition Brendan Kerry looks more handsome) Is it a new free program? Honestly, he’s fp was strange and I barely watched it till the end, so maybe it’s the same program just in new clothes? It was hard to say in 4 o’clock in the morning.

Nicolas Nadeau free program it’s exactly what you need when you watch skating at nigt! Thank you Nicolas.

Unfortunately your great height doesn’t work well for the difficult jumps…..maybe you should think about pairs? I’ve heard Dylan is thinking about retirement after Olympics….Imagine what a high twist you could do with Luba) Yes, I know that you do jumps in different direction….well nobody’s perfect.

Michal, I’m shocked! Two clean programs and two quad salchows! I don’t remember when last time I have seen you skating like this! Marriage is going well for him. Guys, consider this option) So I was so shocked that I even won’t say anything about his costume for the free program.

What can I say? I’m tired of breaking my heart again and again. So that’s why, Jorik, you’re my new favorite skater now! People, be prepared to read positive comments about Jorik in my every review) I really liked his free program to Aranjuez and his costume. That was one of the most pleasant things for me in the night of men’s free.

Luckily they found Patrick‘s luggage. At least I didn’t have to watch him wearing some fashion disasters. I absolutely loved his costumes…especially for the free program…yes vinous is my favorite color. What else to say?

Last seson, of all the top skaters, I wrote the least number of lines about him. But each was almost a declaration of love. He was the reason why I stayed to watch men’s event late at night for a second night in a row…And what I got in return? My heart was broken…again. But I’m not a Japanese fan, I didn’t cry)

Alexander Samarin, well done! Quad lutz was impressive! The rest – programs and costumes…typical Russian male skater that you don’t want to rewatch. But he’s quite a fighter, I respect that.

From competition to competition I like Jason Brown‘s short program more and more! What a program! Fun, entertaining, the music is not a warhorse just a joy to watch. I think Jason should perform in the middle of the last warm-up at every competition. He’s a perfect choice to deal with stress. I absolutely loved his free prorgam in that laconic black costumes…Everything can’t be perfect, yes? Hello blue plushy pajama….Oh Jason, why? You disappointed me so much(((

I wish I haven’t taken a closer look at Shoma‘s jumps last season, because I spoiled for myself all the joy of watching him skating( And he’s a performer…And what I like the most about him is that there’s a tiger inside this cute little guy. He’s a fighter, even if something doesn’t work out his program doesn’t fall apart, he will think how to improve the situation and where to add jumps.

Not everything is so clear and predictable in Canadian pairs. The National Championships will be interesting. Luba, if you continue to fail the jumps, quad salchow won’t help you( This time I liked their short program, it’s a stylish thing. The free still doesn’t work for me. sorry.

Chen Peng remembered that actually she doesn’t love jumps too. Oh, too bad, because I really like their tango in the short program. In the 5 am their free program, together with Zabijako/Enbert‘s free program is a torture to watch, no chance to make it through the end.

Oh Vanessa and Morgan! I love your programs so much! Though I think that at b-event they looked a bit better, or maybe I just prefer the trainings clothes) And please take off that blue ribbon from Morgan’s costume.

It’s gonna be Aljona‘s fifth Olympics, but I can say for sure, she has never gone to Olympics as such a beauty, with such a hout-couture programs. Bruno, please don’t let her down! Because if you do I’ll find you and tell you everything I think about that) Believe me you don’t want to hear that.

After Autumn Classic I was a bit worried about Meagan and Eric, but seems things are going better for them now. That was a great free program. Looking at the marks on Meagan’s back I do not even want to know what other methods of untraditional medicine they used to bring themselves into shape and rightmood after that b-event …..

Why organizators hadn’t finished Skate Canada with dance event?! Then my mood would have been much better!

Honestly, I really don’t understand the scores for Smart/Diaz. Maybe I don’t know something? Are they really that good?)

Finally, I realized what I don’t like about pair Loboda/Drozd most of all. And no, it’s not their dances, and not her shape. Every time I watch them, I have a feeling that in the dance Alla doesn’t exist for Pavel and nothing can distract him from thoughts about himself so handsome. I’m so handsome, I have perfect curls, I skate so fast…oh go away!

Jean-Luc is absolutely amazing in latina. I’m a fan. And their free dance is so beautiful…Liszt is beautiful… so much that my ear at the level of instincts waited that it can not be so good and that unknown vocal talent just about to start singing. Fortunately, no one was singing. Probably fans thought that Jean-Luc is to slim and wanted to feed him))

Madison Hubbell‘s dress for latina left Russian commentator speechless. We do understand him, right?) But not only her dress is hot, their both dances are super hot and sensitive. And it seems I could watch their skating for hours! Oh I don’t know how Olivia and Adria deal with it and don’t be jealous)

In case there is still someone who thought that wasn’t hot enough:

Weaver / Poje brought back their Malade FD….wait what?! I thought in ice dance it’s considered a desperate move to go back to an old program…I mean couldn’t Morozov do something new for them? Take old transitions and steps sequences, some new music and here it’s – new dance. A lot of skaters do like this)

I like their short dance, such not typical, not ballroom latina suits them a lot and make me think about going on vacations immediately.

What can I say about my beloved Tessa and Scott? When they announced their music for the SD I wasn’t sure it’s gonna work. But I have to throw away all my doubts back. Luxurious shor dance. A real latina. Young skaters, watch and learn. Partner should think about woman he skating with, not about his own awesomeness. I wasn’t excited about the fact they are doing Moulin Rouge for the free dance….I can’t say that I was totally amazed at Skate Canada…But that was great, so great! I even cried to Come what may…Yes, do what you should do and come what may. No matter what for me they are the greatest.

That Morozov’s glimpse at Tessa!)


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11 Responses to “Skate Canada 2017 review”



  2. Carina says:

    Anna brought us another heartbreak ;__; No matter how much better she skates in the next event, she’s not going to the Olympics, so most likely it’s gonna be Evgenia, Maria and Alina.

    And did anyone notice Maria is doing the single hand Tano with every jump now? I personally don’t have any problem with Tanos, as long as it’s within the rules and it gets you points. But her Tano is … weird. She looks like she’s doing some kind of Chinese peacock dance, when you put your hand above your head to imitate a peacock (or any sort of bird) head???

    • FS Gossips says:

      I think Maria now looks the most likely #3 girl for Russian Olympic team. Honestly, I’d prefer Liza Tuktamysheva, but Liza seems not ready to take that third spot(
      Maria’s tano remind me a helicopter.

      • Lotte says:

        Isn’t Alina too young for the Olympics? She was born May 18, 2002 and “All athletes participating in the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 must have reached at least the age of 15 before July 1, 2017.”

  3. jen says:

    That review was nice. And yes true heartbreak, if there would not have been ice dance, this would have been a disaster beyond comparison.
    Lol I laughed way to hard about your comment on Samarin. And absolutely my opinion, you don’t want to rewatch.
    Everyone has flaws, so cute Shoma could still capture your heart. Sure here his jumps in the FS were not the best, maybe except for that 4Lo, but I think his 4F improved a bit (at least the judges thought so?! +2 and +3 across the scoring sheet.)
    (I am aware Shoma is not the technically best jumper, but anyway…)

    • FS Gossips says:

      “Everyone has flaws, so cute Shoma could still capture your heart.”
      Sorry, Shoma, you’re cute, your programs are great, you’re a true performer, but my heart is taken. Oh and now I have Jirok as my favorite skater, how could I forgot)

  4. Live for skating says:

    Not only Weaver/Poje brought back their FD. Hawayek/Baker are using last year’s FD as well.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Yes, but they’re not in the same league with Weaver and Poje. They’re 4th or 5th US pair, they’re not going to compete at GP Finals or Olympics. They have other goals for the season and for their goals this old dance will work well enough.

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