Grand-Prix Final 2016: review

Posted on 2016-12-13 • 9 comments

I was so upset, that I couldn't go to Marseille, that instead of sun, heat, French cheeses and wines I had just cheese, [...]

Grand-Prix Final 2016: check-in

Posted on 2016-12-07 • 6 comments

Grand-Prix Final starts tomorrow, so welcome to Marseille! Some pre-competition photos as lull before the storm [...]

Best costumes from ISU JGP St. Gervais | free dance

Posted on 2016-08-29 • No comments yet

Here's my list of best costumes from the free dance at JGP in St.Gervais. Eliana GROPMAN / Ian SOMERVILLE [...]

Best costumes from ISU JGP St. Gervais | short dance

Posted on 2016-08-27 • No comments yet

Honestly, I'm not impressed with costumes for the short dance( So, I guess it'll be a season of white shirts with [...]

Lake Placid International 2016 | ice dance [video]

Posted on 2016-07-30 • 4 comments

Eahh! Finally we saw some new dances! So, here're some first impressions. Let's start with juniors. Rachel Parsons [...]

Best dresses from ISU JGP in Torun | ice dance

Posted on 2015-09-26 • 4 comments

The waltz gives plenty of variations for the costumes. Different silhouettes, color pallets, length of the skirt, [...]

ISU JGP Riga 2015 highlights

Posted on 2015-08-31 • No comments yet

What was interesting at second JGP in Riga? See my highlights of the event. Another Russian newcomer Alisa [...]

Best dresses from JGP in Riga | Ice dance

Posted on 2015-08-28 • No comments yet

Best dresses from short dance at JGP in Riga. Who was the most stylish among ice dancers? Emily Day and Kevin Leahy [...]

US junior ice dancers

Posted on 2015-08-19 • No comments yet

After Anna Yanovskaya and Sergey Mozgov eventually switched to seniors there is no an obvious leader in junior ice [...]

Beautiful figure skating dress

Posted on 2015-07-31 • 12 comments

Junior ice-dancers from team USA Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko wore this beautiful costumes for their [...]