Lake Placid International 2016 | ice dance [video]

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Eahh! Finally we saw some new dances! So, here’re some first impressions. Let’s start with juniors.

Rachel Parsons / Michael Parsons

As for me it’s the best SD among juniors (of what we’ve seen). Interesting, creative, it looks fresh and memorable. Pattern also looks solid.

Their FD also looks the most prepared among all. Nice lifts, the dance highlights their soft skating. I can’t said that it’s very memorable dance, but it’s pretty solid and I don’t see any weak parts.

Lorraine McNamara / Quinn Carpenter

Can I simply say that it’s a disaster?) I’m starting to be really afraid of hip-hop for other pairs) Yes, they have a good speed, but all moves look rushed and unfinished, no beautiful lines or poses. She’s trying to give some “modern dancing” while he continues to skate in a classical way. This program requires a lot of work.

The free dance looks better, but I have a feeling that they aren’t really comfortable and confident skating such a dance without particular character or storyline. They should think about concept of their program. What do they want to say with their dance? I think this dance can be used as an example of what can happen when a choreography / dance concept like for Papadakis/Cizeron is skated by a skater as Ekaterina Bobrova)

Christina Carreira / Anthony Ponomarenko

I think in the short dance they are trying to look elder than they are) Can’t say they really succeeded) That’s why I like the second part more. By the way I loved Christina’s dress!

The free dance I like a lot more! It’s light, tender and really for their age. Beautiful and solid performance, this dane has a lot of potential!

This season Elliana Pogrebinsky / Alex Benoit are moving to seniors. With such level of competition in US team they can’t really hope to get into the national team. So, the main goal is to show themselves.

Can’t say that this dance is fiery or memorable, just a usual dance. If they wanted to use Elvis’ theme they could have chosen other music parts, more expressive. And it seems all Igor’s duos have twizzles with extended free leg?) Creativity, where are you?)

And again, I liked the free dance a lot more! Thanks for the music in the first part – it’s beautiful and not overused. Maybe elements are not new, but well and musically executed. It’s a nice dance for debut in seniors. Eliana’s legs are just incredibly beautiful and elements highlight it)

Mackenzie Bent / Dmitre Razgulajevs

Mackenzie, please take off those gloves!!! By the way, very beautiful lift)

Mackenzie is an incredible beauty and a great skater. I just can’t take my eyes of her! But unfortunately she skates not alone and it’s so obvious that Dmitre isn’t a partner of her level( And forgive me, but free dance looks boring…..turns out that spanish dance can look boring.

Olivia Smart / Adria Diaz

It’s a debut of new Spanish pair! What can I say, I like their short dance. It’s very nice and thank goodness no hip-hop) I also like how Adria looks in this dance)

Typical dance from Marie-France Dubreuil Patrice Lauzon’s group. Can’t say that such style suits Olivia and Adria or maybe they haven’t a proper level to look good in such choreo and music. I’m really curious why there are no news about Hurtado / Khaliavin?



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4 Responses to “Lake Placid International 2016 | ice dance [video]”

  1. susan says:

    Thanks for the videos and your astute comments. It is much appreciated. I simply cannot take my eyes off Anthony Ponomerenko. I have been watching him develop for the last few years. He is sublime (not surprising considering he is the offspring of ice dancing royalty).

    • FS Gossips says:

      I like their FD a lot! Great choice of music, nice choreography, the dance looks totally in current ice dance trends. But I wish they had stronger SD(

  2. Vladimir says:

    Pogrebinsky/Benoit are already in the National team! And they did show themselves very well, earning 1st place.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I meant the team that will go to all major events – top-3 at US National Championships. Great that they have Grand Prix – it’s good chance to really show themselves. Good luck!

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