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The waltz gives plenty of variations for the costumes. Different silhouettes, color pallets, length of the skirt, suits, tailcoats, three-piece suits, full-dress uniforms etc. That is why this season I’m really looking forward for the costumes for the short dance and expect a lot.

Here are my favorite costumes from the short dance at ISU JGP in Torun (Poland).

Sofia Polishchuk and Alexander Vakhnov (Russia)

Sofia Polishchuk and Alexander VakhnovNice and tender flowery ball-gown dress! Looks wonderful in motion and totally age appropriate choice. I also like Alexander’s costume. Not too formal and I like the waistcoat a lot.

Sarah Marine Rouffanche and Geoffrey Brissaud (France)

Sarah Marine Rouffanche and Geoffrey Brissauf

It was great choice of color! Minty-blue looks amazing on ice, amazing on young skaters and amazing by itself without difficult decoration. And I especially liked Geoffrey’s costume, stylish and trendy!

Sandrine Hofstetter and Benjamin Steffan (Germany)

Sandrine Hofstetter and Benjamin Steffan

Of course all figure skating fans have recognized this stunning Nelli Zhiganshina’s emerald dress! I don’t have anything against it. This dress deserves to be taken out from the wardrobe and shine again! Actually it looks even better in combination with elegant partner’s costume.

Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko (USA)

Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko

This costumes are still one of my absolute favorite this season among junior ice dancers. Simple, stylish and fancy. Perfect fit to their short dance!

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4 Responses to “Best dresses from ISU JGP in Torun | ice dance”

  1. nana23kids says:

    And it’s a recycled dress.

  2. nana23kids says:

    Love everything about the French teams costume. I’ve seen them and they are gorgeous. Same with Christina and Anthony. They look perfect and her dress is stunning in it’s simplicity. Good choices.

    • Anastasi14 says:

      Christina’s dress is one of my most favorite this season. Stylish, simple and still cute. Perfect choice for junior skater.

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