Mikhail Kolyada: I hope many people will come to the test skates

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Mikhail Kolyada about nearest plans for the season and training camp with Rafael Arutyunyan. The first start of this [...]

Alexei Mishin: A new era of figure skating begins and it will be interesting

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and new rules. Liza's axel i"breathes" positively, I think and I hope that [...]

Evgeni Rukavitsin: Both Dmitri Aliev’s programs are lyrical

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Evgeni Rukavitsin told that Dmitri Alive achieved confident and consistent execution of the quad salchow and told about [...]

Anna Pogorilaya is doing Frida for her FP

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According to Anna Tsareva, Anna Pogorilaya is preparing for the new season and plans to perform at the Russian test [...]

Tatiana Tarasova and Alexei Mishin: Records remain in history forever

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Tatiana Tarasova and Alexei Mishin about changes in ruleas which lead to new records. There is nothing terrible about [...]

Alexander Zhulin married for the third time

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The figure skating coach Alexander Zhulin, married for the third time. Zhulin (55) married a figure skater Natalia [...]

Tatiana Tarasova: The group of Eteri Tutberidze showed an absolutely phenomenal result

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Tatiana Tarasova about junior test skates: The group of Eteri Tutberidze, Sergei Dudakov and Daniel Gleyhenhaus [...]

Alena Kostornaia: You work because you need it. This is your task, your goal, coaches can only help you

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Translation of video interview with Alena Kostornaia after Russian junior test skates. video by Olga E Alena, [...]

Alexandra Trusova: I want to do something that no one has done before

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Translation of the video interview with Alexandra Trusova after junior test skates. video by Olga E Sasha, [...]

Russian junior test skates. Ladies [+video]

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Thanks to people who was able to get to the Russian junior test skates in Novogorsk we have some video. I thought it [...]

Sarah Meier got married

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Last Friday, August 3d Swiss figure skater Sarah Meier and her boyfriend Jav van Berkel (triathlon) got married! [...]

Alexei Rogonov teamed up with Alina Ustimkina

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After Kristina Astakhova decided to finish her career Alexei was looking for a new partner and it seems he found one. [...]

Fabian Bourzat will coach Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Nikitin in their native city

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Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Nikitin about leaving Igor Shbilband's group. Maxim: The relocation from the United [...]

Nathan Chen. Programs for season 2018-2019

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New programs! Oh, I'm so excited. Nathan Chen was brave enough to show his new programs, so I want to share some first [...]

Is Daria Panenkova gonna be another skater who left Tutberidze’s group?

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There are some rumours that maybe Daria Panenkova also left Eteri Tutberidze's group. First on her Instagram [...]

Skates, programs, autobiography and church wedding

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It's the middle of the off-season so it's almost nothing interesting going on) But there's still some news, too short [...]

Anastasia Tarakanova left Eteri Tutberidze’s group

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Anastasia Tarakanova left Eteri Tutberidze's group and joined Evgeni Plushenko's Academy. Comment from Evgeni [...]

Tatiana Tarasova did new programs for Polina Tsurskaya

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Polina Tsorskaya

Tatiana Tarasova together with choreographer Nikita Mikhailov did new programs for Polina Tsurskaya who now trains in [...]

Dmitri Aliev and Alisa Fedichkina got engaged?

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Maybe it's just a photo, or maybe it means something. Dmitri Aliev  and Alisa Fedichkina have been dating for a [...]

Russian ice dance drama [06.07.2018]

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Nothing scandalous or interesting happened, just keeping update) Ekaterina Bobrova and her new wrap Dmitri [...]

Anna Pogorilaya is getting married

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Anna Pogorilaya is getting married on 14 July, 2018. I can officially announce that Andrei proposed. This pleasant [...]

Alexei Rogonov: This Olympic season was the last one for our pair with Kristina Astakhova

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Alexei Rogonov in his Instagram told that their partnership with Kristina Astakhova has ended. It is very difficult [...]

Russian ice dance drama [22.06.2018]

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Russian ice dance drama endless and ongoing) Did you miss it? It was a pretty quiet off season for ice dance....but we [...]

Alexei Mishin: “+5” will give an opportunity for broad voluntarism

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Alexei Mishin about changes in rules: As for "+5", I still think that this is doubtful decision, it gives an [...]