“My task is to help these girls to attain bodies that they would like to see in the mirror.” Eteri Tutberidze became a mentor in a weight loss reality show

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Eteri Tutberidze became a mentor in a weight loss reality show.

original source: TASS / Sport24

photo Sergei Bobilev / TASS

Eteri Tutberidze shared insights about her participation in a weight loss reality show. The coach will appear as a mentor in the weight loss show “Big Girls,” scheduled to premiere on the “Pyatnitsa” channel on February 9. Here’s a translation of her comments.

“Thirteen participants weighing over 100 kg will attempt to change their lives by losing weight. Eteri Tutberidze will be one of the mentors for the girls,” the channel’s press service announced.

In addition to Tutberidze, other mentors include the coach of the Russian women’s rugby team, Kirill Kosharin, dietitian and nutritionist Dr. Regina, and psychologist Anetta Orlova.The winner will receive 1 million rubles.

“The decision to participate in the project was not immediate; there were many considerations. The decisive factor was the realization that this project has the potential to help not only the participants but also the viewers: it might inspire someone, motivate others to choose what’s best for themselves and their bodies.

Therefore, our world will have more healthy and happy people,” Tutberidze stated.

“This is not just a rigorous project where girls are physically exhausted, and they lose weight due to stress. It’s a project in which we communicate with them on a human level, delve into their minds, and together, we search for the reasons behind overeating.

My task on the project is to help these girls break out of a state in which they themselves are unhappy living. To attain bodies that they would like to see in the mirror. In working with the girls, I tried to convey to them that they must stop blaming others for their problems and start with themselves.

We cannot control everything in life, but when it comes to our own weight, it is entirely in our hands.

We are all born with practically the same bodies, but we live in the ones we have earned and deserved,” the press service of the channel quotes Eteri Tutberidze.


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