Evgenia Medvedeva: Free program in Canada we skated together – me and fans

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In the interview for Russian Channel 1 Evgenia Medvedeva told how she coped with the unsuccessful short program at the Grand Prix in Canada.

Evgenia: I always say that if there are any mistakes, it means I missed something or didn’t work enough.

Usually, right after the performance, I understand where I didn’t do something. There was no explanation for the short program in Canada.

I wasn’t upset because I fell or there was an underrotation. I was upset not because of mistakes, but because a colossal, titanic work that was done, Brian [Orser] worked with me from morning till night at the rink, and all the run-throughs were clean, everything was fine.

And my head was cold, I wasn’t nervous, for some reason many people think that I was shaking me with fear. No.

I did not understand why did it happen, that’s why there was such a disappointment. Yes, it demotivates, I don’t want to lie – we are all people. But it demotivated me probably for two hours.

Two hours later, I was fine, talked with relatives, they helped me feel better, and strength appeared. Close people helped me: mom, friends, coaches.

I tried not to go to social networks, but it is very difficult to miss this much of positives. I want to say that this is your merit (of the fans), too, because we skated the free program together.

I do not want to talk neither about my plans, nor about how I feel. I know what went wrong, I know what to work on. I’ll fix it and at the Russian Grand Prix I’ll try to prevent this from happening again.

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