“I want to be ready for when the Russian girls return to the competitions.” Kaori Sakamoto about working on quad loop

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Translation of Kaori Sakamoto’s comments about working on a quadruple loop.

original source: sports.ru by Maya Bagriantseva

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At the tournament in Montreal, the Japanese figure skater won her third consecutive World Championship gold. The words of the world champion is being reported by sports.ru correspondent Maya Bagriantseva.

“We were indeed working on this jump this winter, but before the ISU Challenger competition in Tilburg in February, we took a break to focus on preparing for the World Championships.

I don’t have a specific training schedule, I work on the jump on days when I feel up to it. I don’t set high-profile goals for myself, rather, I tell myself, “What if I try to add one more rotation today?”

I want to be ready for when the Russian girls return to the competitions, because my current technical content is not enough for victory if I am competing with them,” Sakamoto said.


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