Tatiana Tarasova: “When you go to a training session of American male single skaters, you see how they jump: quadruple, quadruple, quadruple. It’s different for us.”

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Tatiana Tarasova compared men’s single skating in Russian and USA.

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source: “Free Program” podcast on Channel One published on sports.ru

Tatiana Tarasova believes that Russian men’s figure skating lacks quadruple jumps.

Do we have a new “flying stool”?

Tatiana Tarasova: There are “flying stools.” The boys are trying, they are trying. There are many “flying stools.” The boys are not bad.

Can you single out someone?

Tatiana Tarasova: No, I won’t. There were exhibition performances (referring to the national team’s test skates) where I couldn’t single out anyone for myself.

And you can’t single out someone because there is a lack of original programs, charisma.

Tatiana Tarasova: Yes, there is a lack of interesting programs. There is a lack of jumps – even from simple entries, but quadruple jumps. When you go to a training session of Western, American skaters – you see how they jump: quadruple, quadruple, quadruple. We are a bit different. We prepare for the quadruple, now we will jump it, we wait, then we’ll go for it, we go for it, we accelerate – no, we didn’t land it.

Something seems off to me. But may God help it all play out in the season, so that quadruple jumps become easy. Otherwise, it turns out that even the axel is somewhat challenging. No one has shown an axel like Alexei Yagudin’s. It was different. After the axel, it was clear that you needed to give 6.0. It was some kind of super element!

And then these quadruples that they jump. They have been jumping them for 20 years. The toe loop – how many years have they been jumping it! And what, you still can’t just jump a clean toe loop?


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