US junior ice dancers

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After Anna Yanovskaya and Sergey Mozgov eventually switched to seniors there is no an obvious leader in junior ice dances. Who have the best chances to be a Junior World champion? There are some solid duos from Russia, USA and Canada. I think US dancers have good chances.

Lorraine McNamara and Quinn Carpenter

They are the leading US junior ice dance team, they were medalist at Junior Worlds and have good chances for gold this year.

Nice dance as for juniors but not as good for duo who has an opportunity to become Junior World Champions. This dance doesn’t tell us from the first seconds that this dancers are the potential leaders. It suits them but nothing more, it doesn’t show their progress. I think they need something more mature. And please someone steal her cosmetics, at least before the main starts.

Overall, I liked the dance but I don’t like the choice of Carmen for juniors. It looks a little ridiculous. There are plenty of good music that will be age appropriate for juniors! I think the same dance but just with some Spanish music would be a better decision. I also like Quinn more in this dance, he looks more polished and convincing. What I also don’t like is the music cut, a little bit strange.

Rachel Parsons and Michael Parsons

Love their music choice! It’s strong and powerful and will help to establish themselves as one of the leaders. I don’t know why so many duos decided to be creative with their short dances. I think nothing can be better than a classical waltz. But of course you need nice lines and posture to look good in it. Technically this dance isn’t ready yet but I hope it will look better closer to the juniors grand prix.

Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko

This year is good chance for this team to gain the experience of big international events not being under pressure of high expectations. But at the same time they need to strengthen their position as a promising young duo with potential to medal at jrand prix events. I like their short dance. It’s light and nice, exactly what a junior team need. 

The free dance is quite nice but won’t help them to get more points no matter what. In this situation everything will depend on technique. But at least the dance is bright, fun and has a potential. This music can help to catch the drive and involve the audience.

Russian ice dancers still making a huge secret about their dances, but we can see some nice lifts from the closed test skates. 


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