“The same structures that, breaking the rules and the laws, did everything to crush Valieva morally, now try to blame the Tutberidze team for everything” The head of FFRK Gorshkov about Bach’s statement

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Figure skating coach Alexander Gorshkov, Alexander Zhulin and Renat Laishev commented on the words of the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach about the Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva.

Earlier, Bach noted that the coaching staff of Eteri Tutberidze reacted with indifference to the athlete after the free program at the Olympics. He also recalled that an investigation regarding the athlete’s entourages is ongoing.

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The head of FFKR Alexander Gorshkov: The latest statement by the head of the IOC regarding the cold towards Valieva from the coaches of the Tutberidze group is extremely perplexing.

Maybe the esteemed Mr. President turned on the wrong TV channel or there was interference in the broadcast, since the multi-million audience of TV viewers and all those who were at that moment in the arena saw a completely different picture.

Everyone who was next to Kamila at that moment – both her entourage and our entire team – did everything possible to support her in this exceptionally difficult moment, so it is more than strange for us to hear that the same structures that, breaking the rules and the laws, did everything to crush Kamila morally, now they are trying to shift the blame from a sick head to a healthy one, blaming the Tutberidze team for everything.

Everything that happened at these Games around Kamila and our coaching staff by a number of officials and media representatives can only be called bullying.

Moreover, individual statements only escalated the already explosive atmosphere around Kamila and our entire team, and, unfortunately, this directly affected her performance. I can say that being at the Olympic Games in recent days has become an unbearable test for a 15-year-old girl.

The federation, the coaching staff, representatives of our delegation were next to Kamila every minute. In this situation, we clearly understood that the only way to preserve her mental health was to send her home as soon as possible, to her family, to relatives and friends.

Yesterday after the performance, when she returned to the Olympic village, we looked again at her condition, talked to her and made a final decision.

We asked the headquarters of the delegation to organize a flight for her, accompanied by representatives of the federation. Thank you for finding this opportunity.

source: fsrussia.ru

Alexander Zhulin: Dear Mr. President. I am very surprised by your reaction to the behavior of the Russian coach Eteri Tutberidze after the free skate of her athelete Kamila Valieva.

You write that you were worried about Kamila the whole program, and the coach’s reaction was very harsh. Coach Tutberidze has brought up six Olympic medalists and four Olympic champions since 2014, and she probably knows how and what to say to her skaters after performances.

You, please, analyze your position towards a woman and a young girl, starting from February 8 this year. From the position of a man, you behaved, in my opinion, cruelly and incorrectly. At the very least, it’s not for you to teach manners to an outstanding coach.

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Sambo-70 presiden Renat Laishev: Some complete nonsense. It’s like a continuation of the story about us, they came up with, so they continue that something needs to be investigated.

Tutberidze is a strict and tough coach, but nothing more. Strict discipline is needed to achieve results, Eteri Georgievna is an excellent teacher.

I know Eteri Georgievna well. She is a true teacher. It is no coincidence that Trusova left, but eventually returned. You won’t go back to every coach.

Eteri Georgievna has excellent relations with Zagitova and Medvedeva. Athletes grow up, start to understand. I had many such examples.

Now hockey players remember Tarasov and Tikhonov with kindness, and they were very tough, but they were loved like parents.

There are different fields of activity. There is, for example, sports. It is competitive. Children grow up early there. This goes for any sport.

source: matchtv.ru, sport-express


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2 Responses to ““The same structures that, breaking the rules and the laws, did everything to crush Valieva morally, now try to blame the Tutberidze team for everything” The head of FFRK Gorshkov about Bach’s statement”

  1. SkatingFanCa says:

    Zhulin you are wrong – a coach who brings “outstanding” results by doping and mistreating her athletes at minor age is a horrible human being, and therefore deserves to be criticized.

  2. Veronica says:

    Don’t point fingers people!!You did this to Kamila. You let your precious child be humiliated in front of the whole world. Disgusting!!

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