Alexandra Trusova: “Where is the medal? I took it off. Anya will show you medal.”

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Alexandra Trusova talked to the journalists after ther medal ceremony. After the awards ceremony, she took off her silver medal of the 2022 Olympics.

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Alexandra Trusova: Where is the medal? I took it off. The awarding is over, I took off the medal. Now Anya will come – she will show you. I spent the day well. I smile, I’m fine. I’ve been going to this for a long time. The dream of five quads came true. I was glad that I did all the elements. I can’t say that I especially felt that these were the Olympic Games. I understood, but I set myself up as to a regular performance. I was preparing, I was reaching the peak shape for the Games.

My relatives live without a night. I call them at night, then in the morning, then in the evening. Parents support me. Dogs hear my voice from the phone and react. I hope in Moscow, they will bring my dogs to me. I’m tired of this food. I don’t eat Chinese. I try to eat something neutral.

Career? About everything that will happen next, I will talk later. Rumors about not leaving the arena for a long time? Doping passed quickly. I went outside and waited an hour for the bus alone. Volunteers went looking for a car. I went to the skating rink for the Internet to use a translator. An hour later, the car was found.

Words about “you knew everything” addressed to Tutberidze? I will not comment on this issue.


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3 Responses to “Alexandra Trusova: “Where is the medal? I took it off. Anya will show you medal.””

  1. axel says:

    typical Russian arrogance. little girl needs to learn some humility

  2. Renate says:

    Yes. I agree completely. Aratunyan would be first choice if it can be outside of Russia. He can connect jumps programm choreography and teach her abilities for better scating skills….otherwise she should think about Plushi again. Team Tutberidze has to many scaters.

  3. Catherine says:

    I hope Sasha can find a more supportive and healthy training environment, and to do so soon.

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