“If sport is only about fulfilling parents’ ambitions, a heavy and unpleasant obligation, then it leaves wounds in the child’s soul, which need to be dealt with even in adulthood.” Anna Levandi on Estonian Skating Union issuing her a warning

Posted on 2024-04-26 • 4 comments

The Estonian Skating Union decided to issue a warning to figure skating coach Anna Levandi in response to the [...]

Anna Levandi has been accused by her former students of mental and physical abuse

Posted on 2024-02-21 • 1 comment

Estonian coach Anna Levandi has been accused of mental and physical abuse. original source: sport.err.ee dd. 21st [...]

“Methods that some coaches seem to have taken from Tutberidze don’t work on free people. You can’t yell or swear at children.” Interview with Estonian coach Anna Levandi

Posted on 2023-01-23 • 3 comments

Interview with Estonian coach Anna Levandi. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Anna [...]