Costume changes before Europeans

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For the European Championships some ice dancers decided to change their costumes for the short dance. Let's take a [...]

Grand-prix Final. Costumes review: short dance

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In ice dance we usually can see the most interesting, fabulous and gorgeous costumes. In terms of costumes and style [...]

Grand-prix Final 2015 preview

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I just can't wait for the Grand-prix Final! So many great skaters will skate in Barcelona really soon. I hope we can [...]

Best costumes from Rostelecom Cup 2015

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Here are my fashion results of the Rostelecom Cup. Some costumes I've already discussed and picked as best at some [...]

Ice dance drama. Free dance

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For ice dancers the second day at Rostelecom Cup 2015 was no less dramatic. Ksenia Monko Kirill Khaliavin had to [...]

Ice dance drama. Short dance

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Competition of ice dancers at Rostelecom Cup promised to be extremely exciting! The fight for the first place between [...]

10 reasons to watch Rostelecom Cup 2015

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The next stop of ISU Grand-prix series is Moscow and this event promise to be really exciting to watch! So, here is my [...]

Playing safe and winning gold

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Italians Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte were one of those few who didn't succumb to general fluids of creativity. [...]

Best costumes at Cup of China 2015

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The third GP event have brought some unexpected results in terms of placement, but let's discuss the fashion results. [...]

10 reasons to watch Cup of China 2015

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We've already seen two grand-prix events and they were pretty exiting to watch. So, I hope that next event Audi Cup of [...]

Italians are ready to go

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The senior B events officially started and at Lombardia Trophy 2015 Italian pair and ice dancing dou showen what they [...]