European Championships 2017 review: ice dance

Posted on 2017-02-02 • 12 comments
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I've already shared my impression from pairs and ladies at European Championships 2017, now it's time for ice [...]

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin: motto of the season “New we”

Posted on 2017-01-17 • 1 comment

Translation of interview with Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin. About first half of the season and preparation to the [...]

Russian Nationals 2017: ice dancers commented on their FD

Posted on 2016-12-24 • 4 comments

Russian ice dance drama is over) No changes after the short dance in placement. Here some comments from athletes about [...]

Russian Nationals 2017: ice dancers commented on their SD

Posted on 2016-12-23 • No comments yet

Since ice dance is Russian everything now we have to keep it up with the trend) That's why here are comments of main [...]

Russian Nationals 2017: Check-in

Posted on 2016-12-22 • 7 comments

Russian Nationals start today, so it's time for a Check-in in Chelyabinsk. Things to know about Chelyabinsk: In [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [21.11-27.11.2016]

Posted on 2016-11-27 • 4 comments

I want to congratulate us all, we survived this 6 crazy weeks! So, look my Instagram review and relax till Grand-Prix [...]

Cup of China 2016: review

Posted on 2016-11-22 • 13 comments

Grand-prix in China was a pretty screwy for me. Firstly, I locked at the wrong shedule, calculated the wrong [...]

Bestemianova: Stepanova and Bukin were the best, why no one sees it?

Posted on 2016-11-19 • 4 comments

An Olympic Champion Natalia Bestemianova commented on the result of the Russian ice dance duo Alexandra Stepanova - [...]

Skate Canada 2016 review

Posted on 2016-11-02 • 10 comments

Kids, I'm going to tell you an incredible story. The story of how I won a Grand-prix in Canada...... You never break [...]

Russian test skates 2016

Posted on 2016-09-08 • 6 comments

Sept 7th start test skate of Russian figure skating team. I found a time schedule of closed part: September [...]

Stepanova / Bukin: short dance consists of hip-hop and blues

Posted on 2016-07-07 • No comments yet

Alexandra Stepanova - Ivan Bukin told about working with Peter Tchernyshev on new programs and changes that happened [...]

Peter Tchernyshev did a free dance for Stepanova / Bukin

Posted on 2016-05-12 • No comments yet

Tatiana Tarasova commenting the World Championships mentioned that Peter Tchernyshev will  work on new dances with  [...]

Romain Haguenauer: First of all a lot of work

Posted on 2016-04-14 • No comments yet

Translation of the interview with Romain Haguenauer for Romaine shared his impressions of the World [...]

Alexander Zhulin: Ilinykh needs Katsalapov

Posted on 2016-04-13 • No comments yet

As it usually happens after main competitions and especially, after Worlds, lots of coaches, specialists, [...]

World Championships review: ice dance

Posted on 2016-04-06 • 2 comments
Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON

When emotions have subside a bit, it's a time to share the impressions from World Championships. It was a hard [...]

Best costumes: short dance

Posted on 2016-03-31 • No comments yet

I can't say that I'm agree with the first results in ice dance (especially with first and second place). But I will try [...]

Bobrova Soloviev will miss Worlds

Posted on 2016-03-07 • No comments yet

Ekaterina Bobrova Dmitri Soloviev will miss the World Championships 2016 in Boston due to positive doping [...]

Russian Nationals 2016. Free dance [video]

Posted on 2015-12-27 • 2 comments

The Russian ice dance drama has ended quite unpredictable and maybe not in the way the Federation wanted. So, it will [...]

Russian Nationals 2016. Short dance [video]

Posted on 2015-12-25 • No comments yet

Russian Ice dance drama is gaining a momentum. The results of the short dance was actually a bit [...]

Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Bukin started the season | free dance

Posted on 2015-10-29 • No comments yet

Recently Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin have participated at local competition in Russia, where get "amazing" [...]

Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Bukin started the season

Posted on 2015-10-28 • No comments yet

Seems that Russian ice dancers don't like to participate in ISU B events or leave  Russian borders. Because I don't [...]

What do we know about Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Buking?

Posted on 2015-09-30 • 2 comments

Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Bukin was the only Russian ice dancers who managed to win a medal at European [...]

Russian ice dancers showed free dances

Posted on 2015-09-13 • No comments yet

The open skates of the Russian National team are goes on. Here some video of the ice dancers. Elena Ilinykh and [...]

Russian ice dancers showed short dances

Posted on 2015-09-12 • No comments yet

Today in Sochi was the Open skate of the Russian National team. Here are the video of the short dances (thanks [...]