State of Russian ice dance drama [15.12.2017]

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Finally things got back to normal and we can have our Russian ice dance drama as usual on Friday!

Ekaterina Bobrova impresses ua with her flexibility

Ekaterina Bobrova

We haven’t heard any thing from Alexandra and Ivan for a while. Here’s a photo if someone has forgotten how do they look like) Stepenova BukinIvan and his gorgeous mom

Ivan Bukin

Practice with Betina Popova and Segrei Mozgov. I like that instead of glamour photos these two post photos from the ice and trainings) Naybe not everything is lost for Russian ice dance.

Popova Mozgov

Popova Mozgov

Birthday boy of the week – Pavel Drozd

Pavel Drozd

and yes, that’s not Alla on photo with him. (Don’t worry not a new partner either)

Here’s Alla. Alla always surprises me, she looks so great on photos….so how she manages to hide all this beauty on the ice?!

Alla Loboda

Anastasiya Shpilevaya and Grigory Smirnov are back to the ice!

Shpilevaya Smirnov

And we missed Grisha’s photos)

Birthday girl Sofia Shevchenko!

Great photo of Sofia and her partner Igor Eremenko!

Young generation and their idols. Sofia Polishchuk and  Alexander Vakhnov with Tessa and Scott

Anastasia Skoptcova and Kirill Aleshin with Gabriella and Guillaume

Sofia Evdokimova and Egor Bazin. I have a weird feeling that i might have seen this lift before)

Main diva of Russin ica dance – Tatiana Navka and her furs)


previous episode [01.12.2017]


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