Kamila Valieva: “I read that everyone hates that I agreed to skate this program. But I’m glad to share this. The opinion of the fans doesn’t affected me. Only the opinion of my coaches.”

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Kamila Valieva commented on her performance in a free program at the Russian Grand Prix in Moscow, where she won.

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Say something yourself, without questions.

Kamila Valieva: I am very glad to be here today, to experience this competitive feeling, adrenaline. And just tell a story. Just be here.

A lot of people worry that it’s hard for you to tell this story every time. Is it really hard?

Kamila Valieva: Not hard. On the contrary. What is outside and what is remained inside. Take off the mask and show everything that I felt at that time and probably still feel. This is not difficult.

I read that everyone hates that I agreed to skate this program. No, it was deliberate, and I’m very glad to be able to share it.

Why didn’t you manage to perform the (quadruple)toe loop?

Kamila Valieva: As if I was nervous for the first time. I have done it many times, and now I feel like I really wanted to do it. And when you realize this, you begin to unfinish something, redo something.

Mistakes are given to us to learn from them. Next time I will have less desire to do it and just go and do it.

Kamila Valieva also told why the introductory part was removed from her free program.

Earlier, at the beginning of Valieva’s program, fragments of news about the situation at the Beijing Olympics sounded. However, at the stage of the Russian Grand Prix, the she performed a free program without this fragment.

Kamila Valieva: We removed it for a while. Don’t worry, we will return it. Why did we decide to remove it today? So we decided together with the coaches. It has nothing to do with anything, it was just necessary.

About the triple axel

Kamila Valieva: I want to restore the triple axel and the quadruple salchow, slowly go to my shape. Let’s see what content will be in Kazan. I want a lot, but I need to be more careful.

About free program

Kamila Valieva: Emotionally, I was fine. I read a lot of hate towards the coaches – let’s leave this question aside. But it was hard, this is normal, as if was for the first time when I experienced it. And when you skate it many times, it becomes easier.

I am glad to share this, I am ready to skate this program, if I were not ready, I would say.

The opinion of the fans does not affected me. Only the opinion of my coaches and authoritative people are important to me, I am not a flower for everyone to like.


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