Annabelle Morozov and David Narizhny: “There are no plans to change citizenship.”

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Annabelle Morozov and David Narizhny said that they did not plan to change sports citizenship, and also shared impressions of their performance at the Grand Prix stage in Moscow.

photo by Denis Gladkov / MatchTV

source: matchtv, sport24

On Saturday, Morozov and Narizhny took first place in the rhythm at the Russian Grand Prix in Moscow. Earlier, the media reported that Morozov could receive French sports citizenship.

Annabelle Morozov: In general, we’re happy and satisfied with our skating. For a debut, everything is fine. I’m happy to skate with David, show a new program, and everything worked out overall.

Change of citizenship? As you can see, we are here now. Strange question, to be honest. There are no plans to change citizenship. We are already participating in Russian competitions. We are happy to skate for Russia and skate together. If we had wanted to change something, we would have changed. We are motivated anyway. We just enjoy.

David Narizhny: We trained there with Nikolai Morozov, almost all summer, then returned. We don’t plan to train there during the season. Perhaps in the summer to choreograph new programs.

Morozov also said that the pair did not perform at the test skates due to injury.

Annabelle Morozov: I got injured, together with the coach we decided that it was better not to perform there, recover, and then train normally. It took about a week to recover. So we didn’t lose shape.

Also David Narizhny told how he feels about what is happening in Ukraine. Narizhny was born in Kharkov, his grandmother lives there.

David Narizhny: I don’t watch TV at all. This is sad news for me, since my grandmother stayed there. It is difficult for us to talk about this topic, we are here to skate, not to answer these questions.


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