“For a good landing I lack shape, I need to lose weight” Artur Dmitriev on quad axel attempt at the US Nationals

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Former Russian figure skater Artur Dmitriev shared his impressions about his debut at the US Nationals. And also a comment from his father Artur Dmitriev Sr. about quad axel and not sending Ilia Malinin to the Olympics.

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Artur decided to try the quadruple axel – an ultra-c jump, which he has been training for several years. He landed the jump, but on two feet and with an under rotation.

Artur Dmitriev: For an excellent landing, I still lack the shape, and I need to lose weight. I’ve already lost 8 kilograms. As I said earlier, we’re going gradually and we’re not in a hurry. This was my first attempt of a quad axel in a competitive atmosphere. No one has ever performed a clean quadruple axel yet, the last attempt was at the Japanese Nationals, Yuzuru Hanyu tried it, but the judges scored it as triple (due to a half-turn under-rotation).

Not everything worked out – I’m just getting in shape. At the Nationals I just wanted to show myself and gain competitive experience. At this stage, there was no goal to get on the pedestal. I think we did a good job in 3 months after 3 years break. After all, I started training only in the middle of September, because in Chelyabinsk there has been no ice since May.

Dmitriev clarified that due to strict pandemic rules there was no banquet at the US Nationals. Now the skater, together with his team, are planning to have a little rest and then hold the training camp.

Artur Dmitriev: The first one will take place in Angarsk, we are negotiating about further ones. If anyone wants to invite my wife (Artur’s coach and a former skater Ekaterina Ukolova) and me, we are open for dialogue. After the training camp, we will continue preparations for the next season in Chelyabinsk. We’ll get in shape, there is a lot of work ahead.

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Also a comment from Artur Dmitriev Sr. two-time Olympic champion in pair skating and father of Artur Dmitriev

The first quad-axel in the world, albeit not very successfully, was shown by Yuzuru Hanyu. How would you rate your son’s attempt?

Artur Dmitriev Sr.: Artur was jumping quadruple axel even before the pandemic, and fully rotated, but in training. I have a video with clean landings.

Here he under rotated a quarter, although the judges put a half turn. Not a bad jump. I was not sure at all that he would be able to prepare. For almost two years we did not train, he did it on his own, on public skating. But he did it. Well done. I’m proud that he showed the jump – both in training and competitions. This is a big step for him. Although for such a serious competitions, Artur has not yet gotten in shape.

Do you think more athletes will try quad axel?

Artur Dmitriev Sr.: I guess not. But the leaders will do it. Look, the quadruple lutz is performed, probably, by eight to ten people maximum in the world. At competitions, even less – five. It will be the same story with the axel. Of course, in this regard, Artur moves figure skating forward. Young guys will follow him, seeing that it is real, having studied on the video how it is performed.

About Ilia Malinin and his not inclusion into national team for Beijing Olympics

Artur Dmitriev Sr.: I watched the US Nationals, our guy Ilia Malinin skated so great there! At the same time, the Americans are not going to take him to Beijing. This is, of course, wrong. He’s only 17. Let’s see if he can hold such skating when he grows up. And he is a tall boy. But so far he has made a very serious claim.

He jumps a combination of two quads in training …

Arur Dmitriev Sr.: Well, Plushenko did it in training back in his times. This will not surprise us. Zhenya used to jump “4-4-3”. I saw it myself. A unique athlete. I hope he will succeed in coaching.

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